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    Was not sure where to put this as I believe it may occur for Windows in general, but since I am on Windows 10 Pro, I landed here.

    I found a quite unexpected process preventing the Safely Remove USB mechanism from working. The process is named CMigrationService which appears to have been bundled with Samsung Magician SSD software beginning with Samsung Magician (AFAIK). I found the CMigrationService holder using Windows Event Viewer (Windows Logs > System > Event ID 225). The CMigrationService is executing MigrationService.exe from within the Samsung Magician software.

    Unable to stop this process via Windows Task Manager but able to disable the service AUTO start using CCleaner.

    I wasn’t using Samsung Magician at the time and had not enabled it to run at Windows startup. I had no idea Samsung had begun bundling a Data Migration component within Samsung Magician as they had always been separate.

    I am considering downgrading to an earlier version of Samsung Magician as I do not want to deal with this Data Migration feature (bug?).

    If anyone is having problems with USB Safely Remove and have Samsung Magician installed, you may wish to investigate if any relationship.

    I ran into this in Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) with Samsung Magician installed but not started or in use (or so I thought). The USB device was an external WD HDD.

    Almost forgot. Just for good measure, this Data Migration service has been accumulating small log files daily in its LOGS folder – apparently indefinitely with no cleanup.

    FWIW as a sharing topic. Unsure if anyone will find this useful (although using Event Viewer to find out what held the USB device was useful to me).

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      this Data Migration service has been accumulating small log files daily in its LOGS folder

      Where is the LOGS folder and what do the log files’names look like?

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        The LOGS folder accumulating files on my system is:

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung Magician\MigrationService\Logs

        and the file names of the logs look like this example:


        The size of each seem to range from 1KB to 4KB.

        20221005 is the first one for me when I installed the upgrade to Samsung Magician


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      Right you are! I looked and sure enough it was there and running. I’ve had intermittent problems getting USB drives to consistently eject when using the icon in the notification tray. I’d usually resort to right-clicking on the drive in File Explorer and selecting Eject.

      So, I disabled the service (didn’t have to use any special software just the services.msc) and rebooted. Sure enough the problem was gone! I then went on to test Magician to make sure it still worked properly and it sure seems to. That’s one service that will remain disabled.


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      Samsung Magician (AFAIK). … The CMigrationService is executing MigrationService.exe … .

      I have the same Magician version and the same logs since installing that version on 1 September 2022, but I’ve always had Samsung’s magic running since the laptop’s very first setup in 2015.

      But the oldest log is dated 1 November 2022.
      Apparently Magician only keeps the logs of the current month and deletes the older ones.

      My laptop seems not to suffer any problems because of it, except maybe the “Safely Remove” sometimes taking a long time to pop up, but it’s always done that.

      As it appears to be needed only for cloning or migrating a partition to another drive, I guess the service can safely be disabled.

      1 Desktop W11
      1 Laptop W10
      Both tweaked to look, behave and feel like Windows 95
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      Windows Event Viewer is showing the following type of message when the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon results in an “In Use” failure:

      The application \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung Magician\MigrationService\MigrationService.exe with process id 4876 stopped the removal or ejection for the device USB\VID_1058&PID_25A2\57584E32413331433745485A.

      I can not think of any valid reason why Samsung Migration Service should be holding on to the USB device.

      As for the logs, I had 55 of them (from 10/05/2022 thru 11/28/2022) which appeared to be produced maybe at Windows shutdown which for me is daily (nightly). I am guessing if I let Windows run across several days, there would be fewer logs. I rarely start Samsung Magician and then end it soon after. Not sure how frequency affects things.

      I suppose my major concern was why would Samsung Data Migration be locking my USB device(s) as I see no useful purpose for that.

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      According to the Samsung Magician 7 installation guide, page 2 (Revision History), Data Migration was added to v7.1.3 in Sep 2022.

      Your discovery may explain why, after my Samsung Magician upgraded itself in Sep, it “often” crashed when I tried to run it.

      I “downgraded” it back to v6.2.1.260 from my downloads backup disk, disabled the auto-update feature, and haven’t had any problems with it since.

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