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    I am struggling to complete other things before replacing OnePass.  However, tonight for the first time, the OnePass vault only brings up an image of a safe with an oscillating lock wheel (I’ll try to attach below).  Have I been “had,” or is there a simple fix?  If so, what is it?


    OnePass is a Google Chrome add-on, I believe.

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      OnePass is Chrome add-on with just a couple of thousand users

      last Updated
      December 22, 2018


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      How totally careless and stupid of me!  I meant to say LastPass, not OnePass.

      Sorry.  Is there a way to repost with the correction, or do I start over?

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          I have changed the passwords on the major financial links in LastPass.  Is that adequate for now?

          I was unable to forward the LastPass info as described in a previous forum response, and on-line how-to articles showed screens that I could not bring up in my LastPass, so that convenient way of backing up my LastPass info was unavailable to me.  I guess the next step is to remove LastPass, knowing that I will cut off some services, and try to reestablish links directly with each service.

          Are there any pitfalls I should especially take into account?

          Thanks again for confirming my fears.

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      So, am I now “up a creek”?  Is there a path forward?

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      Is there a path forward? – Here are a few ideas about moving beyond LastPass:
      A recent CNET article dated February 16, 2023 written by Attila Tomaschek titled: “If You Use LastPass, Change All of Your Passwords ASAP” offers some advice about: “What should LastPass subscribers do?”
      It might be a good idea to review this article for some ideas to consider:
      Ed Botts article from December 23, 2022 titled: “Is it time to replace your password manager? I still don’t trust LastPass. And neither should you.”
      If you currently have a LastPass account, I think this is a wonderful time to explore alternatives. And by “explore alternatives,” I mean export your data, delete your LastPass account, and start fresh with a company that has a better handle on the challenges of securing extremely sensitive customer data.”
      Also consider reading Leo Notenbooms January 11, 2023 article titled:
      “LastPass Breach 2022: My Recommendation – It’s time to move on. The questions are, to what and how quickly?”
      My recommendation is that it’s time to leave LastPass behind, but of course it’s not quite as simple as that. I’ll review what I think needs to happen and the path that I’ve embarked on myself (and why).”
      I use KeePass version 2.53.1 and you may want to check it out at:
      Good luck with your search for a better Password Manager.

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        I just sent a response to your earlier message, and your second message came in.

        Thanks.  It will probably be several weeks before I can attempt these actions.  I’m really annoyed that I could not send the backup file as I mentioned in my previous message.


        Once again, thanks.

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      Question:  Given that the advice I found on-line about exporting the LastPass vault data did not work, and given that my vault has now been locked by some predator, how do I proceed?

      I’ve changed the log-in (name and password) on my key financial accounts, refusing the offer to update LastPass.

      I tried using the Microsoft browser (rather than Chrome), but somehow (not by my action) it also offers LastPass (now locked) access.  [Is it because Edge uses the Chrome engine?]

      I assume that if I un-install LastPass, I will lose any chance of recovering my access info to the other 30+ sites I had in the vault, so I’ll have to somehow remember and recontact each of these, and reconstruct access.

      Suggestions on next steps?

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        given that my vault has now been locked by some predator,

        I don’t think you’ve explained what you can and cannot access in LastPass.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      This is tricky.

      I canNOT directly access my vault – all I get is the safe with the oscillating wheel (sample in first message above).

      For apps that I separately recorded the access info, I can log on and change the log-on info.  When LastPass asks whether I want to change its recorded info, I say “no.”  But I then have to be careful to say “no” everytime I access that app.  I have not tried to access other apps for which I did not separately record the log-in name and password.

      My concerns are:

      • I slip up and give LastPass the updated info.
      • Determining how to log in to the 25-35 other apps for which I do not have access info separately.
      • When I should remove LastPass as an app and install a new password manager.

      Thanks for your help!

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      Although lastpass has had trouble, that does not mean that is the cause of your vault not opening.  That sounds more like a program glitch.  To attempt to access and export your passwords, the easiest thing is if the lastpass software installs separately per each windows user account.  If this is true, create a brand new windows user account, download a fresh copy of lastpass and install it to the new user account.  Then try to export your lastpass passwords.

      This method is for the extension: https://support.lastpass.com/help/how-do-i-nbsp-export-stored-data-from-lastpass-using-a-generic-csv-file

      This is for the lastpass website:  https://support.lastpass.com/help/how-do-i-export-my-vault-data-while-logged-in-to-my-vault

      If you are able to create the CSV then you can view it with excel or libreoffice calc etc to see your passwords.  Copy the file to an external device or USB drive so you can access it in your main windows account.   After you are sure you have the passwords, you can then consider next steps.

      If installing and accessing lastpass does not work in the new windows user account, if you have a second computer you can attempt to export the file with your second computer.

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      You could try restarting your computer / device, going to https://www.lastpass.com/, and clicking “log in” (upper right).

      Win 10 home - 22H2
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      I THINK the topic is resolved.  Now, although the icons remain, I can still open LastPass and I have exported the password file.

      It all started to clear up after today’s universal message release by LastPass!

      THANKS to everyone for all your help.

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