• Online tracking: Do Not Track, a series.


    I know that I’m unique when browsing – I accept that – I use unorthodox settings in my OS, non-mainstream software, I beta test a web browser, so I’m very easy to track around the Internet based on my PC/browser ‘fingerprint’ alone.

    But – I also take steps to minimise the ‘spooky’ stuff that results from being tracked.

    On to the real intro: https://blog.malwarebytes.org/privacy-2/2015/04/do-not-track-an-interactive-documentary-series/

    Who are you, what do you do and who is watching you do it?

    Three simple questions, posed by a new interactive documentary called Do Not Track. If you’re curious to know exactly what information you’re offering up online when you visit websites, then you’ll want to take part in the interactive portions of their upcoming sessions which run from now until June.

    Now the main course: https://donottrack-doc.com

    Given that the author works for Mozilla, I guess that this is partly an introduction to some of the forthcoming changes that they’re building into Firefox, hopefully, to allow their user base to reduce the chances of them being tracked everywhere.

    The first part (of 7), “The trackers, an industry most people can’t see, control or question” is online now.

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