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    FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen Last year, a Gallup survey of over 3,000 adults in the U.S. reported that only 32% of us get “excellent” sleep;
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      Between my ages of 8 to 15 (quite long ago), during their yearly vacation my parents slept in their caravan while I had a makeshift bed in their automobile. I distinctly remember the pitter-patter of soothing rain gently hitting the car’s roof (but a scary sound when it didn’t rain).

      I may be in error (often) but I’m convinced that, for 3 decades or more, totally silent scenes in movies and TV shows (for example a burglar browsing inside a house, at night in the dark, inhabitants asleep) still have some very faint background noise in their silent sound track. Try it out with a pair of really good headphones.

      I think everybody needs some constant background noise, while studying, working, watching a movie, even while falling asleep. Most of us need only very soft meaningless sound, but apparently you, Deanna, need more volume.

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      Thank you, Deanna for this. A mix of heavy rain and distant thunder has proved very restful.

      I love the onset of summer, particularly the amazing smell of electrically-charged ozone on an evening… whilst I drift off to sleep.

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      Thanks, Deanna, for another great suggestion!

      I only wish this were available for Android.  My phone is my alarm clock, and it would great to program sounds for falling asleep, with this amount of detail and control.

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      Great! Thanks!

      I liked the “Other sounds” best.

      The program can only run when run as administrator (right-click on .exe-file and ‘Run as administrator’), at least on my Windows 10 pc.


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      The program can only run when run as administrator (right-click on .exe-file and ‘Run as administrator’), at least on my Windows 10 pc.

      Strange, I don’t have any problem running it as normal, as opposed to having to use ‘Run as administrator’). Do you get an error or does it just not open (and thus showing in Task Manager)?


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        Strange, but now it works normally (without having to run as Administrator). It also works using a shortcut from the desktop to the .exe file.

        Thanks for commenting.


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      Thanks for pointing me to Opal.  I’ll give it the real test tonight. One minor problem:  running it causes Windows (10pro) to pop up “Windows protected your PC” and I have to click thru Run anyway.  No big deal.

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      I can sleep anywhere at almost any time.

      However, I do prefer absolute quiet, so I wear earplugs to bed.  The best ones are the orange childrens silicone ones, like the Mack brand, used for swimming.  These generally run $4-$5 for a package of 8 pair in Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.  However, I found 4×8 pair on Amazon for $10 a while back!

      They don’t completely block all sound but muffle sounds significantly, like others in the house opening and closing doors, flushing toilets, cars/motorcycles going by, etc.  But you can still hear a morning alarm.

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