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    I have one spreadsheet that, when I open it, it presents me with a msgbox

    ╠ The author would like you to open ‘MY….SPREADSHEET.xlsx’ as read only unless you need to make changes.  Open as read only? ╣

    The Msgbox contains three buttons <Yes>  <No>  <Cancel>

    To open my spreadsheet, I have to click on <No> every time.  I have no other spreadsheets that present this message.  I would like to know how to get rid of it so that it does not come back.  Any insight that anyone would care to provide will be greatly appreciated with thanks.

    Ron M

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      Prompt to open a workbook as read-only (microsoft.com)

      See if something in there is checked?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Whoops, I for got to mention that I am using Office 365,  Nevertheless, your suggestion gave me some things to check and one of them seemed sufficient to turn off the message.  Thanks Susan.

      Ron M

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      A macro, probably “Auto_Open” runs when you open the spreadsheet.

      Press ALT F11 to open VBA window. Now press CTRL F to initiate a search. Type The author would like you to open into the search box and in the Search options check Current Project. Now click on Find Next.

      That should discover the code which is giving you that message. If you are comfortable editing VBA you will be able to sort out the problem. If not, copy to this forum the procedure which contains that text and we should be able to help you.

      Probably now close the spreadsheet without saving changes in case you have accidentally altered something whilst doing the above !

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