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    I recently uninstalled Excel 97 with Norton Utilites, then had other problems so I re-installed also using Norton Utilites. Now when I open the program, I get the following message : “C:Program FilesDMWDMW_97.xla could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and verify that the file location is correct.”
    It then appears to open normally, but I would like to correct this error message.

    Would appreciate any help.



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      Whatever this program is, EXCEL is probably looking for it to be in the following location: CprogramfilesmicrosoftOfficeOfficeXLSTART I know that the new version of Groupwise places a file there so that it can take over or force some interactions with EXCEL. We had a choice of two options: 1) If you can find the file, save it to the above directory; or 2) right click on a free space on the Tool Bar and then select CUSTOMIZE. When the customize menu pops up, click on all the toolbar items that you have checked and click the RESET key. You may have to do it a couple of times but it should solve the problem.
      Let me know if it did the trick or not so I will know if I should continue to spread the word.

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      Xla files are add-ins. The following appears in Excel 2000 Help under the heading “Microsoft Excel can’t find the add-in I want to use”:

      “Microsoft Excel can’t find the add-in I want to use.
      Check the add-in file on your computer The file may have been renamed, moved, or deleted. Add-ins have an .xla file extension (to see the .xla extension, you may need to turn on the display of extensions in Windows). Add-ins are stored by default in one of two places: either the Library folder or one of its subfolders in the Microsoft OfficeOffice folder, or the Profilesyour user nameApplication DataMicrosoftAddIns folder in your Windows folder. The administrator for your company’s network can designate other locations for add-in programs. See your administrator for more information.

      You can reinstall an Excel add-in by using the program that you used to install Excel. To find and load an add-in that isn’t stored in one of the default locations, click Add-Ins on the Tools menu, and then click Browse.

      If the add-in is stored on a network, check the network drive The network drive may be unavailable. To ensure that you can use the add-in when your network is unavailable or your computer is offline, keep a copy of the add-in on your computer.

      If you are working on a different computer, check your original computer For the add-in to be available on other computers that you use, you must store it on your original computer in the Profilesyour user nameApplication DataMicrosoftAddIns folder in your Windows folder. Check with the administrator for your company’s computer systems for more information about working on other computers.

      Check with your Office or Excel administrator Your administrator may have decided not to make the add-in available for installation. In this case, you may need to reinstall Office or Excel. Check with your administrator for more information”.


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        Thanks, CarolW for the timely reply.
        I tried all the helps and still have the same message.
        Tried re-installing the program from the original Office CD,
        searched for the file, none exists on the CD.
        This is only a small personal set-up, no network involved.

        Again, error message reads :
        C:Program FilesDMWDMW_97.xla could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and verify that the file location is correct.

        If I hit ok, the program opens normally, but I have no idea what the impact of this message is overall.

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      Do you have any add-ins that load when Excel starts? To check this, click Tools | Add-ins and try clearing any add-ins that you have checked. Then close and restart Excel and see what happens.

      Please post back with your results. I’m curious!

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        Following your instructions , add-ins that were being or attempted to be loaded (checked in list):

        Conditional sum wizard / DMW_97 (xla in question) / File Conversion Wizard / Internet Assistant Wizard / Lookup Wizard / Report Manager / Solver Add-In / Template wizard with Data tracking / Web Form Wizard.

        I unchecked the DMW_97 box and immediately got the following: Cannot find add-in C:Program FilesDMWDMW_97.xla, Delete from list ?

        I said yes, closed the program, and then opened it without any further error messages.

        Now I am curious, what does the add-in DMW_97 do and what is it used for??

        Anyway, thanks for your interest and for your help.

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