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    The company I work for has been using a 3rd party anti-spam software for several years and we recently upgraded to Exchange 2007. We noticed that it has a built in anti-spam filter if you install the Edge Transport Subscription. Has anyone relied solely on this filter and if so what is your opinion of it? Any help in this area would be appreciated.


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      Since you didn’t get any answers, here’s my Office 365 experience fwiw:

      I’ve used Exchange anti-spam on one of my 3 main email accounts for a couple years. The other two accounts are via Outlook.com and Gmail.

      Gmail was the best anti-spam for a long time, to the degree I moved all my company email accounts from server-based to Gmail-based business accounts. Since starting with Office 365 a couple of months after it launched, I tested a main account on its Exchange component. I found it as good as Gmail for minimizing spam, and have stuck with it and moved all business accounts to it.

      I then started a new personal account on Outlook.com, and found its anti-spam also on par with Gmail’s. So I would rate the 3 solutions [365 Exchange, Gmail, and Outlook.com as equally good.

      This is for small business, 10-20 accounts. HTH.

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        Thank you for your imput Mike. Our company has 300-400 employees with email accounts so I’m not sure if it would comparing apples to apples. 😉 We’ve had some real issues with our spam filter missing quite a bit of spam and was wondering if the built in filter in Exchange 2007 would be better or if we could even run it along with the current one. What you have said tells me it’s at least as good as any others out there and would be something we already own without paying for the 3rd party software.

        Thanks again,

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      The one thing about in-house SPAM filtering is having an easy find / restore arrangement – someone always wants the email they are sure was dropped into the spam bucket.

      cheers, Paul

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      You’re absolutely right Paul.
      That’s why our current spam filter dumps it into a mailbox and we keep it for 1 week/7 days. Each day it’s my responsibility to scan the spam folder for legitimate email and forward it to the intended recipient. Needless to say I miss one once in a while hence the company policy to keep it for 7 days so that they can have time to ask for it. Do you know if the Exchange 2007 filter has the ability to dump it into a mailbox of our choosing?

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      I’ve not used the 2007 spam filter – I prefer an AV / spam filter in front of Exchange for a belts and braces approach – and two spam filters is asking for trouble.

      cheers, Paul

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