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    I’ve decided to migrate my domain to a new host after months of dealing with gobs of spam. Since this was the largest deciding factor, whomever I move to needs to keep my inbox relatively clean. I generally use webmail, so the problem has to be mitigated at the source.

    To wit, I’ve investigated 1&1 and so far am very impressed. Anyone use this company as their host – and more pertinent, how is the email filtering? If no experience with 1&1, how is your experience with your current provider?

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      I have been using 1and1 now for about 2 years. The web host has been very solid, always up.

      I do not use their webmail much, as I am a Outlook user in XP and Windows Mail in Vista. The spam options have been updated see attachment.

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        Thanks, Dave. I’m ready to jump ship, after three days of read-only access to my shared server and loss of some of the files. It’s pretty obvious to me as an (ex) IT guy that they had a major hardware failure and restored the machine from a backup that was a few days old. That was just the final straw, though. The spam is ridiculous. Downside of having your own domain(s) I guess. My current host has some form of spam filtering, but all it does is mark the subject line, and precious few messages at that. I like the look of 1&1’s spam interface, I don’t even have access to that currently – I’ve been told that it’s not user configurable and doesn’t need to be. Taking my domains to another company will make more of a statement than complaining to their sales and support staff!

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          When I moved my site, I did NOT really move it. I started clean with new layout and all. The switch over took about 2 days for the domain index to catch up, that is when I rebuilt the site, so it was ready when I got to loading the new files.

          DaveA I am so far behind, I think I am First
          Genealogy....confusing the dead and annoying the living

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