• Out in the front yard watching the Blood Moon tonight.

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    How To See The Lunar Eclipse On May 15-16, 2022 (bustle.com)

    Anyone else watching the lunar eclipse tonight?

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      Western States’ AskWoody loungers, visitors and keepers: enjoy the show!

      California and nearby states have an advantage on this, I imagine, especially with the present drought probably making for particularly limpid night skies when the winds are calm. Here, in the Mid-Atlantic states it has been raining, now and then, from skies that are and have been either mostly, or entirely cloudy for days and days and it’s starting to give people the blues.

      So everything is nice and green here, we don’t see the Moon, star, planets and shooting stars that much at night, and flash-flood warnings enliven our days.

      It’s partly cloudy, right now; so, if prepared to wait for it, maybe some will get to see this eclipse before it is over. I have seen my share of lunar eclipses. They can put quite a show.

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      Checking in from near VSFB Vandenberg Space Force Base near Santa Maria, California, the sky is clouded over with marine layer so I found the NASA live stream event and some others:


      Watch a Total Lunar Eclipse (NASA Science Live)

      NASA Total Lunar Eclipse (NASA Science Live)

      Thanks for the reminder, good astronomy hobby.

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      We hiked out to see it but wasn’t much from our view. Maybe we didn’t hit it at the best time or spot.

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      We did

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      Here’s the two I got last evening with my phone and two with the camera. As you can see I had a lot of cloud cover to contend with. Which is also why I don’t have any shots of the waning eclipse.

      Above taken with Galaxy S22 Ultra

      Above taken with Lumix ZX50

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