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  • Outlook 2007 Search Broken after 1709

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        The 1709 feature update to Windows 10 introduces various issues related to the changing of the hard disk internal ID, which affects some licensed software which depends on such things to determine if the software has been moved to a new platform. One of the incidental casualties of this change appears to be the Windows search service integration to Microsoft Outlook. In my case, this is Outlook 2007, which I accept has been deprecated, but I am also seeing issues with later versions of Outlook reported by other users.

        The problem manifests immediately following the 1709 update, where upon using outlook, mail no longer automatically appears whilst you type characters into the search box. The search-as-you-type function checkbox is definitely on (and resetting its state has no effect). Within Outlook search settings, there are no longer any PST’s listed in the search window, and the only way to actually trigger a search is to push enter or click the magnifier glass next to the search box. This triggers a forced direct-access search to the mail database which is definitely not leveraging the Windows search service.

        When debugging this, I looked at the windows indexing options panel, and although Outlook is listed as a search location in the summary dialog, clicking “modify” reveals that this is in fact a broken entry. Instead of Outlook in the checkbox-list, we now have a new entry which is prefixed with the characters “csc://”. When hovering the mouse over this entry, it is reported via tooltip that “this location is current unavailable. Uncheck it to stop finding items that used to be here”.

        Although the checkbox can be deselected, the entry cannot be removed.

        It is my assertion that this is the old microsoft outlook internal id, linked to the old disk ID which the 1709 update has changed. This has been reported to Windows Feedback hub by myself and other users, and appears to be a remanifestation of an earlier security issue encountered in June which fortunately I managed to evade.

        I would be grateful for any advice on how to overcome this problem. I have deleted and rebuilt the index, disabled the windows search service, initiated a repair of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, rebooted yet the problem persists.

        Irrespective of whether or not Outlook 2007 is deprecated, this form of highly invasive updating, where fundamental aspects of the hardware platform are changed without any prior warning of the dangers to the user, is simply unacceptable.

        Best regards,

        Marc Foreman

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        Da Boss

        Marc –

        Any links to active discussions?

        I don’t know the answer to your question, but perhaps someone here can help.

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          Hi Woody – thanks for replying. Yes, some of the active discussions I’ve seen have emerged as a result of my googling the problem :

          Fortunately, my version of outlook still allows searches the brute force way but many users on this thread simply can’t retrieve any results. I did attempt to repair office 2007 using that specific function in the uninstall panel, but this had no effect. Following the repair, Win10 then installed the security updates that were needed to bring the repaired files up to date, at which point my entire system slowed down to a snail’s pace, and I was forced to manually remove the installed office updates (5 updates = 1 hour of waiting time whilst the system crawled through removal). Interestingly, during this process and prior to that reinstall I was about to set up a clean boot and loaded up MSCONFIG. Under these weird circumstances, MSCONFIG’s “startup” tab was actually working and active, and did not instruct me to go to the task manager’s startup tab. At this stage I suspected something truly peculiar had happened, so didn’t do anything with clean booting. Instead, I continued with removing these office 2007 updates (5 of them). Once the last was removed, speed went back up to normal. I rebooted as normal, ran the new office 2007 updates, and they installed without a hitch. Msconfig was now correctly re-pointing me to the styartup tab of task manager instead of offering its own services. Make of this what you will!

          The specific patches contributing to this problem were:






          Best regards,


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        AskWoody Lounger

        (Although I endeavour to stress that these KB’s had no effect on the original problem of outlook search no longer being integrated into windows search services).



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        AskWoody Lounger

        Hi folks – not sure if anyone is still suffering from this problem, but if you are, there IS a solution on the Microsoft Technet forum. I can’t tell who the original poster of this solution was so unable to credit them, but the link to the thread is here:

        There’s a lot of noise on the thread, but the little gem which is actually the solution is a registry edit to create a few keys that aren’t migrated correctly during the 1709 upgrade.

        As always, hacking the registry is a little like roasting marshmallows in a nuclear reactor so if you’re unsure of anything, don’t do it. But I did it, and it works.

        Open regedit and navigate to the following location (and you’ll likely find that you don’t have it – if you can’t locate the path, great; this solution will work for you. If you CAN locate the path, just check that the individual keys listed in it match what you see below. If they don’t, add these new keys into that location, or change the DWord value of your existing matching keys to “1”).

        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search\Preferences

        If you can’t find this path, you’ll need to create the necessary folders by right-clicking the registry keys (folders) and choosing “add key”. You can then name the subfolder to match whatever level you need to create. For me, I had this part of the path …


        … but I was missing the last bit : \Windows Search\Preferences

        I therefore had to right-click the “windows” folder in the registry editor, and create a new key called “Windows Search”. After that was created, I then right clicked it chose to create another new key called “Preferences”, which then appeared as a subfolder, and that gave me the full path.

        Now select the “preferences” key by left clicking it, and create 5 new 32 bit DWords in it by right-clicking in the white space on the right hand panel of the registry editor interface. Then right-click each one in turn and choose to rename them, copy-pasting for the name of each, the following individual strings.







        Once you’ve got the 5 keys named as above,  double-click each one to bring up the value type-in. Enter the number “1” (don’t include the quotes) for each.

        That’s it – you can either reboot (the easy option) or close Outlook 2007 (if it’s running), go into your services control panel (click the start button and type “services” to locate it), restart the “Windows Search” service and then start outlook.

        At this point, you should find that search-as-you-type is working once again, and after a little while of new indexing, your search results will appear. Phew!

        Whoever discovered this is a genius. I claim no credit but felt I ought to pass it on. Apparently it works for Outlook versions later than 2007 but I haven’t been able to test that.




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