• Outlook – how to merge inboxes?


    First of all.. apologies if this is a simple answer or has been asked before. I’ve searched and I can not find it. I am usually pretty good at figuring things out.. Maybe the answer is just a flat NO.

    Is there a way to have the same experience on Outlook 365 Family in Windows as I do on my Outlook for Android.

    Meaning. I want all my different email accounts to be displayed in ONE screen. On my phone I open Outlook and I can see all emails from the 4 different accounts, included 2 exchange type accounts  at the same time.

    On my pc I have shortcuts in the upper left to each ‘inbox’ but I can not figure out how to have all the inboxs merged.


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      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        I just have Gmail forward all mail from Account 1 to Account 2 so I can see all mail in Account 2 in Outlook Windows. I do have an Account 1 setup in Outlook Windows so that I can send emails using Account 1 from Account 2.

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      If you want to set all your email accounts, save the master, to POP3, you can set each one to use the master account’s OST for message delivery.

      There are reasons why you might not want to do this, as I’m sure someone will point out. However, it will accomplish what you want.

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      I use outlook on windows and mac, and I just accept that there is a different inbox for each account on windows. Strangely enough there is a combined inbox on the mac version. There must be a specific reason they don’t have that option in windows.

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      When setting up Outlook (at least using POP3) it shows the data file to which mails are consigned. It will normally provide different .pst files for each email account. Just change the second and subsequent data files to the same .pst file as the first. I use POP3 and I have been setting up Outlook that way for years without issue.

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      I do this by setting the delivery folder in Outlook Account setting for each email account to the same inbox in my .ost. (I do send one address to a subfolder of that inbox just to keep it separate). If this isn’t clear ask and I’ll do the screen images to show it.

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      I simply made an “All acounts inbox” in my primary mail account and then made rules for incoming mail to each of my other accounts which just transfers all the mail to my “All accounts inbox”he onlis if you want to reply using the same account as the mail was originally sent to you just need to remember to change the sender mail.

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