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    I am running Office 2016 on Windows 10. Suddenly today I could no longer send meeting invitations. In the past, when I sent the invitation, the unsent item would appear in italics in the outbox, just like other messages. (If you open a message or meeting invitation in the outbox and then simply close it, it appears in roman type, not italic, and it won’t send. You have to click send again, and then it appears in ital.) Anyway, if I create a meeting invitation, invite attendees, and click send, it appears in the outbox in roman type, not ital., and it won’t send. This behavior just started today. I searched old forum posts but couldn’t find any that were applicable.


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      Let me follow up my first message with some more results. I experimented with sending myself some appointments from an online outlook.com account. I then opened Outlook and tried to accept these appointments. The first few were successful, but at one point the reply messages stopped being sendable and are stuck in the outbox just like the meeting invitations I described in my first post. I am completely baffled.


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      What*version of Outlook – File | Office Account?

      Have you tried repairing the Office installation?


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      This can be caused by a security add-in: Meeting invitations are stuck in the Outbox

      So try starting Outlook in safe mode, so that extensions are disabled: How to start Outlook in safe mode

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      Thanks for your replies. Starting Outlook in safe mode has no effect. It doesn’t solve the problem. Also, I just spent the last 5 hours doing a repair install of Office, and that didn’t solve the problem, either. The behavior is still the same.

      The version of Office 2016 I am running is 1612, build 7668.2066.


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      Outlook has a propensity for messages to stick in the outbox, especially if the Outbox is displayed. A workaround is to use a macro to force send any messages in the outbox e.g. Add the following to a ribbon button

      Option Explicit
      Sub SendAndReceiveAll()
      Dim olNS As NameSpace
      Dim olSyncs As SyncObjects
      Dim olSync As SyncObject
      Dim olItems As Items
      Dim olItem As Object
      Dim i As Long
          Set olNS = Application.GetNamespace(“MAPI”)
          Set olSyncs = olNS.SyncObjects
          Set olItems = olNS.GetDefaultFolder(4).Items
          For i = olItems.Count To 1 Step -1
              Set olItem = olItems(i)
          Next i
          For i = 1 To olSyncs.Count
              Set olSync = olSyncs.Item(i)
          Set olItems = Nothing
          Set olItem = Nothing
          Set olNS = Nothing
          Set olSyncs = Nothing
          Set olSync = Nothing
          Exit Sub
      End Sub

      Because of Outlook security, you may find it necessary to digitally sign the vba project – see http://www.gmayor.com/create_and_employ_a_digital_cert.htm

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        It get’s weirder. Apparently the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of subatomic physics applies to my computer. Having done some more experimentation and fiddling around, I can report the following. If I send a meeting invitation and happen to click on the outbox before it is sent, it appears there in roman type, not italic, and will never sent (I don’t open the message, mind you, just observe the contents of the outbox). However, if I don’t look at the outbox, the message will send.

        So I guess the problem isn’t so great. I just have to be careful not to look in the outbox. But can anyone explain this weird behavior?


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      Probably one of the add-ins listed on this page: After viewing the Outbox, messages won’t send

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        Thanks for finding this. However, I didn’t find any add-ins on the list that I have. (This is a new installation of Office as of this past week, and I haven’t knowingly added anything. I did read the list in the page you provided very closely, and none of those appear in my add-in list. Also, starting Outlook in safe mode, which I thought was supposed to avoid problems from add-ins, doesn’t change the behavior that is the problem.

        One small point, and this may just be a wording issue: the article you refer to describes the problem differently from mine. First, it implies that the behavior affects all messages in the outbox, but this doesn’t happen with me. Only meeting invitations and meeting responses. Regular messages are not affected. Also, the article says that messages are “marked as read” when the outbox is viewed. Again, this is not what I am experiencing. The items are not marked as read — i.e. changed from bold font to normal font. They remain boldface, as other unread messages.


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