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    I have 2 versions of Paperport (Scansoft Deluxe 7.02 on an Gateway XP & Paperport 11.1 on a HP w/ Win10) and since both programs are OLD and both use the .MAX format, I have run across that problem, which I have seen postings from about 2015 or so, dealing with the problem that the file might be “damaged or not in Paperport format” and won’t open. I do have some of those files on a CD and I can open the file(s) without any problems. I have read that there is a conversion program that will take the .MAX and convert it to a PDF. However, I cannot locate such a program and most of the posting are about 5-10 years old and some of the sites are no longer available..

    Is there an available reliable conversion program that can convert .MAX files?

    Thank you!


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      I must also add that the Win10 is 64 bits, but that is not a problem with the Paperport 11 software. It does basically what I want and the layout different from the 7.0, The errors have occurred even before I purchased Win10 and tried to find a conversion software. I just visited the Nuance (Kofax) web page and that did not seem helpful!

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      You can convert MAX files to PDF, online, for free


      If you have a PDF printer app you can “print” to PDF.

      You can also convert with Paperport – save as PDF

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        I tried to use the converter AnyConv converter suggested today and it only offers conversions to FBX, OBL, and STL.

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      I downloaded theย  Paperport Viewer https://visioneer-paperport-viewer.software.informer.com/ The viewer lets you open .max files and save then save them as PDF files by printing them using the Microsoft to PDF print choice built in to windows. You can only do one at a time so it may be tedious.

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      Not sure if this helps, but I had issues opening some of her old PP .MAX files a few years ago and came across a similar issue trying to view them.

      I’ve used PaperPort Viewer 7.0 on my Win7Pro and now Win10Pro to view my wife’s years old scans in .MAX from early versions and most recent PP files. I can open them easily and see the scans/files. She still uses PP 8.0 and set it to run in Compatibility Mode with XP. ๐Ÿ™‚ It suits her fine, she hates change.

      I can open her PP 8.0, open a .MAX scan file and then save it as a .png (and several other extensions) but not .pdf. So, if you can view them and save them as another file extension that you can use, that’s the only way I know. Kind of a PITB, but an option.

      Both systems are running Win10Pro 64bit

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      You can also convert with Paperport โ€“ save as PDF

      My recollection of using PaperPort years ago was as @alex5723 advises – use it to save as .PDF

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      To create a PDF from the Paperport Max file, use Print function NOT “save as”
      Then Print using “Microsoft print to PDF” and result is PDF
      I am very grateful for finding this solution as I was toying with an idea of reverting an old PC back to XP
      Thankfully not neccesary now. Thanks again

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