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    Paragon SSD and HDD Backup and Management Tools Free and Paid

    Paragon Software Group is an innovative software developer

    Paragon has both Paid and Free software available. I will cover the Free software first since that is where I started to check out their varsity, years ago, to protect my data and images. Next I will cover the Paid Professional Product that I use now, and I am very impressed by it.

    The Image Backup is what I use the most, both on the fully Logged in PC as well in the Windows Preliminary Environment (WinPE) or Recovery mode.
    I prefer to take my Image Backups and do Recovery of an Image mostly in WinPE OS but one does not have to. I like the tool that allows for the “Verification of the Image” after a Backup which I do mostly Logged in. I always do this!
    I also do Incremental Image Backups for most but not all of my Images which does save space, keeping a whole month of Image Backups in one for a partition together. I NEVER cross month boundaries with Incremental Image Backups.
    Even though these Backup facilities have File and Incremental Backups I have not used it preferring my own methods and processes.

    Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit(ADK) for WinPE

    One will need to Download and install the appropriate and needed portions of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit(ADK) to get the WinPE components as well as others you may want. This will also be needed for the Free “Data Recovery” but it has been sometime that I did that for the Free approach.

    Currently I am using Window 10.0 1607 ADK for all of my Windows PE needs, applying it to W 8.1 Pro and all W 10.0 Rings and RTM needs. This is compatible with W 7 SP 1, fully Patched as well.

    Download the Windows ADK – Windows 10 Hardware Dev Center

    One should always use the latest OS’s ADK(at time of writing W 10.0 1607) for the WinPE OS and Tools that come with it. All of these components in WinPE are backward compatible to all supported Windows OS’s.
    (NOTE: There will obviously be some component of the ADK as a whole, that will be only specifically for Windows 10.0 1607)

    Paragon’s FREE Tools

    Paragon has an excellent FREE Image Backup tool that will also do some File Backups. They also have other Tools to manage disk partitions etc.

    Look for “Backup & Recovery 14 Free Edition”, “Partition Manager 14 Free Edition” and “Data Recovery” three of the most crucial tools for Windows.

    Free license software – free backup, partition freeware, data recovery, boot camp backup, file system drivers & many more

    Paragon SSD and HDD Disk Manager Professional

    I have been using my purchased Paragon SSD and HDD Disk Manager Professional for years.
    I wait until it is Half Price and buy it then for approximately US$50.00.

    Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional

    Everything you need for reliable data protection and professional PC management!
    Empowered data safety and disaster recovery software

    Powerful partition management
    Full spectrum of virtual and physical migration operations
    NEW Agentless MS Hyper-V Backup
    NEW Secure data wiping – even on SSDs
    NEW Windows 10 Support!

    I am extremely happy with this choice and is the third one the I have bought at half prise. There is a more consumer oriented Suite for half the list price usually which maybe all one needs but I found it to limited in tools.
    Usually the next version(16) is out by now(in 2016) but I have not seen it yet. With Microsoft(W 10.0) changing all of its Upgrade approaches compared to previous Windows OS’s, this may be effecting Paragon’s releases as well???
    I hope that you enjoy your choice.


    1. Tower Totals: 2xSSD ~512GB, 2xHHD 20 TB, Memory 32GB

    SSDs: 6xOS Partitions, 2xW8.1 Main & Test, 2x10.0 Test, Pro, x64

    CPU i7 2600 K, SandyBridge/CougarPoint, 4 cores, 8 Threads, 3.4 GHz
    Graphics Radeon RX 580, RX 580 ONLY Over Clocked
    More perishable

    2xMonitors Asus DVI, Sony 55" UHD TV HDMI

    1. NUC 5i7 2cores, 4 Thread, Memory 8GB, 3.1 GHz, M2SSD 140GB
    1xOS W8.1 Pro, NAS Dependent, Same Sony above.


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      Sorry to resurrect an old thread but some recent info…

      Seagate Slim Backup Plus disks come with links right on them to Paragon.

      So if you have a PC and buy a “For Mac” version that’s formatted HFS+ then the link takes you to Paragon and you get the HFS+ utility installed in your Winblows machine.

      If you have a Mac and you’ve bought the “For PC” that’s formatted NTFS then the link gets you the NTFS utility installed in your Mac OS.

      I find it interesting that Seagate is steering people to install the file system utility, rather than suggesting that you reformat the external to match the native filesystem on your machine.

      I’ve seen it both ways in the last couple of months.  Personally I use Tuxera NTFS but Paragon is just fine in the Mac world.

      Hey look! Another Feature Update!

      You mean I shouldn't click Check for Updates?

      Where is the Any key?

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        I have both Macs and PCs. I use Paragon because I don’t want to format for just one OS. I can use the external HDDs on both effortlessly. Just plug it in.

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