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    My goal is to merge 2 separate “forks” of

    • OneNote 2010 data (Win7 laptop), and
    • OneNote iOS data

    into Microsoft 365/OneNote on a Win 11 laptop.


    …Originally both OneNote 2010 and iOS versions synced fine with OneDrive, but after changing my Microsoft Account password the desktop version failed to sync a few years back.  I thought I’d correct this soon after it occurred, but didn’t jump at the tech suggestion of creating a completely different user account to re-establish desktop sync.  Weeks turned to months and then to years, and now here I am, having added important data to both “forks” over the years.


    …I realize 2010 OneNote data has to be format-converted to be compatible with OneNote today, but my attempts at package file saving haven’t worked: I got an error message of “OneNote must be online to complete this operation,” but I’m unable to bring OneNote 2010 online.


    …I hope to be able to manually organize the data from the 2 forks if I can get ever the sync process to work, so shouldn’t orphan data from 2 different sources added to the same page both show up on the page?


    …I also have many links in OneNote 2010 to documents on my Win7 laptop.  I suppose the best way to keep those links working is to copy all of my C:\(User name)\Documents to a new partition on the Win11 computer, perhaps D:\(User name)\Documents and then every time I encounter a broken link, change C to D? …Would there be a more elegant way to handle this?


    Thanks for any suggestions.

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