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    Hi! I’m trying to choose an offline password manager for private use. There are a lot of them out there, but I’ve never used one before, so I don’t know which one to choose. First of all, I am interested in data security. I would be very grateful for your advice!

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      I have been using the open-source KeePass password manager for 20 years.

      It is well supported, free and has both an installed version and a portable version.

      All the program files and data files live on your own computer or USB Stick.


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      On Windows:
      Password Safe https://pwsafe.org/
      – Not cloud based
      – Auto-relock ability
      – Update & defect history available
      – Customer forum available
      – Open source
      – Password generator
      – Notes field available for each entry to store random security question answers and which MFA was used
      – Free
      – Entries can be displayed by category
      – Search all fields function
      – Maintained
      – Drag & drop logon URL, username, complex passwords.

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      I was using LastPass (free version) but after their security breaches I changed to Keeper a few months ago. This was a pity, as I liked LastPass for its ease of use. Keeper is good and it feels robust but it is expensive at UK£30 for a year although I got a half price deal when I changed over. I will be reviewing this when my year is up with Keeper and look again at Bitwarden and 1Password. All three come out well in reliable reviews.

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      On Windows, I would make portability the most important criteria. There are a number of free portable password managers here


      A portable Windows app can be backed up just by copying a folder. Also can be copied to multiple PCs and/or a flash drive.

      Also, consider if there are some passwords that are too important to store in any computer, no matter what. To me, there are.

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      Thank you for your advice!

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      All the program files and data files live on your own computer or USB Stick

      Never rely on a USB stick to safely store your password database. Make regular (daily) backups to the cloud (assuming you don’t store the cloud password in the database) or on an external HDD.

      cheers, Paul

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      Never rely on a USB stick to safely store your password database.

      I agree completely that the only copy of the password database should not be on a USB Stick. This database is too important to chance it getting stolen or lost.

      I was using the USB Stick reference to describe how portable the program and data can be. This can be useful if you have to access your passwords on a foreign computer.

      Personally, I backup my database to four different computers and keep history copies of all changes over the past year or more.


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