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  • passwords disappearing in Outlook and Chrome in Win10

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        AskWoody Plus


        On one pc we have a weird disappearing of passwords in Outlook and Chrome. These are the only apps that have passwords on this pc. This has been happening since about a week.
        After putting the passwords again into the mail-accounts and Chrome and shutting off the pc we found that when the startscreen appears about half of the time there’s only the picture of a landscape with no text like: do you like this picture, and so on. The other time after a shutdown and restart the text shows up. In both instances the login screen appears after a click. No trouble with that.
        Now, when there’s not any text on the startscreen, starting Outlook and collecting mail comes up with the windows asking for the passwords of the 2 accounts. Every time again. Doesn’t matter  whether “Saving password” is clicked or by putting it in at the mail setting in the control pannel to store the passwords.
        On the contrary when the startscreen comes up WITH the info text Outlook seems to have stored the passwords, even after a previous start the passwords didn’t show up!

        Chrome on the other hand keeps losing it’s passwords no matter what the windows startscreen looks like, text or not.

        To me it looks like there’s something going wrong when starting Windows 10, but no idea what can cause that. Anybody? TIA


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        Have you recently run a malware scan? What A/V?
        What version of Win10 are you using? Home or Pro?
        What version of Outlook are you using?

        Does your Windows login have a password? Local or Microsoft?
        Are there more than one ID on the computer?
        Are there any differences between the two logins: desktop look the same? same background? data in the same place?

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        AskWoody Plus


        Yes, used AVG for malware.
        Latest version, august update today.
        Office 2019

        Only one ID for this pc, local with password

        Started last week.


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          What version of Win10? 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004? Home or Pro?
          Is Office 2019 Persistent or Click-to-run? What is the current version.
          What is the version oc Chrome? 84 or earlier?

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        home 2004
        Office 2019 persistent, current version not at hand, auto updates though
        Chrome same, meaning auto-updates.

        What bothers me the most at the moment is the appearance of the startscreen, sometimes with text, sometimes without.

        Bit weird, never seen that behavior.


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          maybe it’s the same Windows 10 2004 issue that Guenter Born described in his blog today:


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        AskWoody Lounger

        I am also experiencing the constant re-asking for passwords in Google Chrome even when I click the Save password box/window after successful re-entry. This will hold until I close the browser and then it starts all over again. I have a Windows 7 machine on my network where I have No problem what so ever. ” very Strange”

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        If you have an HP printer, I have the fix for you.

        The symptom is that you lose your email passwords in Outlook and the Chrome browser. You may not be aware of this but you lose them when you reboot your computer.

        This is a Microsoft issue that I won’t go into the details about.

        To fix this go into your Task Scheduler (NOT Task Manager) and disable the item that says, “HP CustParticipation”.

        Then reboot and start entering your passwords again.

        Once again, reboot and be sure the passwords have been saved.

        Please report back that this worked for you since so far this app is the culprit, although other apps are claimed to contribute to this problem.

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          yes, it has worked for me, many many thanks, there is a “do not store password” box which was ticked, I couldn’t untick it so disabled the file, I checked the other tasks listed and all of them had the password tick box unticked.

          looks like you have cracked it, well done but shame on HP


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        If my past post didn’t work for you, then do the following:

        Run PowerShell as administrator and run the following script:

        Get-ScheduledTask | foreach { If (([xml](Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $_.TaskName -TaskPath $_.TaskPath)).GetElementsByTagName(“LogonType”).’#text’ -eq “S4U”) { $_.TaskName } }

        It will report what apps are causing this problem. Go to Task Scheduler (NOT Task Manager) and disable those items. Reboot, start saving passwords again and reboot to see if your problem is fixed.  BTW, S4U is the issue.




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        AskWoody Plus

        Hi Ano,

        This really helped, only had a chance to do this today, sorry for that.

        Any, tnx a lot

        Meaning the first solution, didn’t have to use Powershell.


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