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    Every feature release I have to poke and prod to get my Lenovo laptop that hooks into a display port that hooks into my TV to behave. It appears that
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Win10 1809 134

      Widows Start resets on reboot


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        I’m noticing this on a test Server 2019 environment too. If I pin something to Start, it disappears when I log off and back on.

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      That sure feels like a Friday night news dump….

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      2015: This is the last version of Windows…


      Just curious when they’ll break my X-Fi…

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      Driver Date: 21/12/2015

      Driver Version:

      It’s sometimes nice to be on the trailing edge..

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      Is Intel/OEMs or M$ to be blamed for this kind of bugs.?

      I blame M$-Win-10 because there was no or very few such bugs in Win XP/Vista/7/8.x.

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        … well, if they were uncommon back with XP, I must have been particularly unlucky then. I certainly remember several of these. Particularly on laptops with external displays through docking stations.

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      Someone called me because their Docking station stopped showing their laptop screen on his monitor. The monitor works on another laptop, but it doesn’t even when plugged directly in his laptop without the docking station. It has an Intel HD 4600 card. I updated the drivers using the Intel ones, which were replaced, maybe during the feature update, by Microsoft ones. There was and there is still an error in device manager that Windows detected this driver is not working properly so it has disabled it (code 43 if I remember correctly). The screen is still showing on the laptop and the second Nvidia card is still working, but no monitor is detected. In the new settings page, what I see detected is a generic basic Microsoft driver for display and not what I see in Device Manager. the laptop (home version) has been updated to 1809 on October 3.

      The odd thing is it it was working fine with the external monitor and the docking station Monday. The only update since then was the Flash one. So I really don’t know what to do with that now. It seems like 1809 was installed so long ago it shouldn’t suddenly cause the issue. Software side, I don’t know where to go from there.

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        Does a different monitor work?

        I don’t see any reports of the new Flash updates hosing monitors, but ya never know…

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          I’m not sure the person I helped remotely has a second monitor to test. I also find it very unlikely that an Adobe update would break this. However, I still don’t know what to do about it, which doesn’t happen to me very often when troubleshooting. There doesn’t seem to be much to try after trying different video drivers. Maybe it is a material issue.

          I could try to revert to a previous date but probably Windows feature updates on this Home version disabled system restore so probably there will be nothing to do except reinstall from scratch. I’m not going to do that from thousands of kilometers away.

          I guess I need to wait to see if new drivers will show up soon.

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          Update : somehow system restore wasn’t disabled so I did it and the external monitor started working again. I checked for updates and an Nvidia driver got installed along with the November cumulative update and the flash update and the malware tool update. Then, right after the install, external monitor stopped working again. Intel HD 4xxx driver got the same error code and disabled by Windows message in Device Drivers. What is odd is that the problematic Nvidia driver was already installed before while the monitor was working. Anyway, roll back only the Nvidia driver to the previous one and the Intel HD 4xxx stopped having the yellow warning sign in device drivers and everything works. However, can I block driver updates only on Home version? If not, it will come back to bite sooner that I would want.

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      I count my lucky stars that my new 4K TV plays streaming video perfectly with a nice sharp image, using my four year old ThinkPad E450.


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      When Windows updates any Intel driver, especially graphics, audio or display, I always run the official Intel Driver Update and Support Utility:


      The latest update was Nov. 15, 2018, meaning there may be new drivers even as we speak.

      You can back up drivers in Windows 10 just by making a copy of the DriverStore Repository:

      Windows 10 tip: Back up your third-party hardware drivers


      Then getting back to working drivers is as simple as restoring the backed up drivers from this copy of the Repository. Just use it as the “Have Disk” source and only replace drivers marked in the Windows Device Manager as not working (Yellow Triangles with exclamation marks).

      I can’t tell you how often MS Updates have left me in a position where I had to do this. Especially Feature Updates.

      -- rc primak

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