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    Just when I think I understand the consumer updating experience…. I didn’t click to approve to install this. Now I did go into the update settings l
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Hi Susan,
      I had this “problem” a week or two ago. These 2 registry entries solved the problem:

      reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate /f /v TargetReleaseVersionInfo /t REG_SZ /d 1909
      reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate /f /v TargetReleaseVersion /t REG_DWORD /d 1

      A higher version will be installed only after the 1909 support ends.

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        Yep – I had one machine left at 1909 (my wife’s – always the last one I update ;-). I rebooted it yesterday to install latest iTunes. After it booted I went to Windows Update Settings (NOT check for updates) just to see what might be there, and there was a note saying that I needed to pick a time to reboot to update to 2004. I’d never agreed to install it.

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      Both our Windows 10 1903 PCs got updated without our request or approval.  It happened when we resumed updates after a 3 week pause.  One PC is a Dell Inspiron laptop from 2006 and the other is an HP Pavilion (2003).  Neither has anything unusual or fancy loaded on it, and they both have lots of room on their hard drives and were loaded at the time of purchase with the maximum RAM available.  Each install took a long time (about 3 hours) but was problem free.

      The only problem I’ve noticed with 2004 is some minor odd behavior in Windows File Explorer–especially when copying back and forth from a thumb drive .  Files seem to disappear and then reappear–as if I did a Move instead of a Copy.

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      I had it pushed on me, unasked for, a month or so back

      I let it ride, and to be honest, for my particular use-case it’s not caused any major problems since (just the usual Windows nonsense that happens anyway, whatever you do)

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      Months ago I took 2004 manually on two of my PCs for testing but delayed updates on my primary work PC. When I allowed updates a couple of days ago after DEFCON-4 went into effect, 2004 was pushed. I could find no way to avoid it. I certainly did not know about SelfMan’s trick.

      However, the 2004 updates on the other two PCs went without a hitch, giving me the confidence to allow the update to proceed on my main PC. It went quickly (from 1909) and I have no identifiable problems so far.

      I had hopes that the 2004 update would clear up the problem I’m having with file associations for Office, but no luck there.

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      I got it on all 3 PCs. No problems experienced.

      Byte me!

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      Hello Susan,

      I had a similar experience on my Lenovo Legion Y740 about three weeks ago. Fortunately, I was using the laptop at the time the “upgrade” began, so I was able to immediately stop it. I have my laptop set via Group Policy to NOT download any updates, and to ask me before any updates are installed. I didn’t have ANY warning that 2004 was going to install! 🙁

      I have three Dell Optiplex 7010’s that I use for testing (two actually, one I set up for the wife). Two of them have run flawlessly with 2004, but the wife’s (configured identically) had the message that her computer wasn’t ready for 2004 yet?? Hers was upgraded last week without notice also! 🙁

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      I installed the August updates a couple of hours ago, and when I unpaused updates to do so the feature update was still optional. It remained so after the updates were installed and when I paused future updates again.

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      Visited my daughter this morning to “Resume Updates” on the PC I built for her several years ago.  To my surprise, the updates pulled up did not even have the same KB numbers of those I had updated one of my own home built machines yesterday – and one of them was a push for 2004.  My PC just had 2004 offered – not pushed.  Both machines are running Windows 10 Home but mine is 1909 while hers is 1903.  Luckily I also had her network set to metered connection so the updates did not automatically download.  I had already downloaded the updates from the Master Patch list so was able to manually install the update updates for Version 1903 and then pause updates again – until well after Oct. 1.  Thanks for all you do for us.


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        v1903 is EOL in December. You should either download the v1909 ISO from Heidoc.net and upgrade (recommended), or let it upgrade to v2004 through Windows Update. Better the enemy you know…. (so you don’t get surprised, b/c MS may just push the PC in spite of Pause).

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      It happened to most of my PCs. I have a few that are still holding there own and not being forced. No matter what microsoft says they seem to do what they want you to do anyhow. Very frustrating to restart a pc and have to wait 2 to 3 hours for an upgrade you did not ask for to install. Very bogus !!!

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      It happened to me about a month ago. I am using a Dell all in 1 desktop. I logged in from the sleep mode and found the need to reboot message for 2004. I decided to just go ahead and give it a try but my antivirus and fire wall s/w was not being recognized and the computer seemed to be running slow so I immediately uninstalled the upgrade to 1909. I reset upgrades to next year sometime.

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      Not me with 2 years Lenovo Y530 which is probably still incompatible.

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        I have clicked by mistake on ‘select date’ and set the nearest date (there is no way to unset).
        I have also deferrals of 365 days for Feature updates and 21 days for quality updates.
        Today I got the message like : ‘Your PC won’t be secure until you install paused updates’. Resume Updates.
        So I resumed just to get rid of ‘select date’ and got ‘You’re (Windows 10 1909 Pro) up to date’.
        No patch Tuesday, No 2004.

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      I have a Dell OptiPlex 9020 running Win 10 Pro version 1909 and have not been offered 2004.

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      I have a mix of stuff: Pro and Home, as well as physical and virtual.  So far, I’ve seen 2004 offered on one machine running 1909 Home, as well as in a virtual machine running 1909 Pro (although the machine it’s hosted on is not getting an offer of 2004). One other 1909 Pro which was upgraded from Win 7 is not yet seeing offers.

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      I have a Dell OptiPlex 9020 running Win 10 Pro version 1909 and have not been offered 2004.


      if your Dell Optiplex 9020 machine uses nVidia graphics drivers, you need to update those drivers first before the v2004 feature upgrade can be offered to your Dell computer.

      also, even if you already have the updated nVidia graphics drivers, you may have to wait at least a day or two (and the machine is connected to the internet during that time) before it can be offered

      MS is slowly widening the v2004 offering and will issue it to more qualified PCs starting this patch Tuesday Sept. 8

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        Does that apply to all machines with nVidia graphics cards/drivers? If so, what is the starting threshold for a driver to qualify for v2004?

        Where drivers are concerned, I’m of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thinking, so my drivers are invariably old but trusted. What a bonus it would be if that approach was the key to my sticking to a trusted version of Win10! Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be the case!

      • #2294854

        Thanks for the info re nVidia drivers, EP, but my PC has only the built-in Intel HD Graphics 4600.

        I’ve considered buying a graphics card but so far have not done so.

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      I have the first Surface Pro originally running Windows 8.1 Pro, then Win 10 Pro.  My husband bought it in 2013.  He passed later in the same year.  I have been using it for travel since then and have had very few issues with it.  Last week I went to update it and it offered the new feature 2004.  I decided to download and install.   The update completed and I tried out everything and I did not have any issues with either the update, the use of Microsoft 365 or any other functions.  So will keep my fingers crossed.  And I will continue to pause my updates until “Patch Lady” guidance tells me otherwise.

      Have been using PC and/or netbook or laptop since 1990.  I rarely ever had problems with MS software before.  I had a great Acer that lasted with Win7 for years that I still use occasionally, but only offline. I had to upgrade to new Dell in 2016 that would be compatible with Win 10 and followed every Windows Secret monthly instructions from Susan Bradley.  In Feb 2020 the PC started crashing and died, I had all data backed up, but I didn’t have a full system image backup.  Since early April I have a new Dell XPS8930 and have had problems with all kinds of things.  I’m not keen on remote assistance, so I kept working on the issues.  I learned something from everyone on AskWoody.  I also started using Macrium Reflect in May 2020 for full system images. I was able to correct some things after finding solutions to critical/error events either from AskWoody or MS.  I was still having issues so last week I ran sfc /scannow that found and corrected all issues.  I followed that up with the various DISM checks.  No problems found.  I am paused now until Oct 9.  I have been offered the Feature update 2004 on my PC; but, will prolong that as long as possible.

      Thank you to all AskWoody staff and members for the help and great information.

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      No sight of it on any of my machines – 1909 Pro with Feature Update deferrals set to 120 days.

    • #2294769

      Could you please make an all-in-one, one-click .reg or .bat file that applies all the recommended windows update settings, especially for Home version which lacks some of the GUI?

      Much appreciated.

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      I have one notebook a HP Envy still stuck on 1909 because of a block with a audio driver issue. But have noticed in Windows update that the 2004 notice has gone away. So either my device won’t be eligible for 2004, or that it’s going to get pushed to my device. So far, no indication of a impending update coming.

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      This is exactly why I’m still on 7. (With extended updates).

      It updates only when I want it to, as the admin / owner, as it should be.

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      Updated to 2004 on all my backup PCs with i7 980x , surface, and HP big so called laptop. Only major complaint is was timely to download and install. Earlier releases of 2004
      Did come with some surprises(BSODs)but lately none. Sharing on what was called HOMEGROUP
      did cause some issues causing one to be mapped to see. To date not sure why just one and
      All others seem to see each other that were on 1909 and/or 2004. Note: MICROSOFT did not
      Update my daily used 1909 even though I still check on updates and use AUTOUPDATE. WEIRD
      BUT TRUE AND GLAD TO KEEP OFF MY DAILY I7-2600K with Win 10 PRO like the others.

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      2004 is being pushed to a 10 year old Dell Optiplex 380 with Win 10 Pro which I run as a second machine when I need one. The option to defer feature updates is grayed out and despite checking Group Policy I can’t seem to alter that. I’m inclined to let it install now.

      I have feature updates deferred for 180 days on my main desktop, an Optiplex 7040, and I’m not in a hurry to go to 2004 on that one.

      I was setting up a new Inspiron (W10 Home) for a friend a couple of weeks ago and I decided to upgrade that from 1909 to 2004 so that she would be able to avoid the pain of a big upgrade in a few weeks time. It seems to be fine.

      I volunteer in IT for a charity (in UK) where I am responsible for the WSUS server serving almost 100 machines. 2004 hit that almost as soon as it was released and is sitting there “Unapproved” where it will stay for some time yet. We approved the 1903 update soon after we went into Covid-19 lockdown and it went very well despite pretty well everyone working from home. 1909 was a breeze of course.

      Arthur J Davis

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      I updated my Lenovo 1903Pro yesterday. 2004 was not offered, KB4023057 did not show up.

    • #2294853
    • #2294882

      Late last night (September 7) I clicked “Resume updates.” I saw no signs of version 2004. In “Advanced options” I have feature updates paused for 365 days.

      Windows 10 Pro version 1909

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        You have Feature Updates deferral (NOT PAUSED) set for 365 days.
        v2004 has been out only a little over 100 days, so you won’t see it for another 200+ days.

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          Thanks, PKCano for the info re Windows feature update deferrals. I have feature updates deferred for 180 days so it appears that I have another few months left before 2004 is offered to me.

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      Hi Susan.

      I unpaused updates to get the August updates as per Woody’s end-of-month recommendation.  The 2004 feature update message still says that “I’m not worthy”, and remained so after I completed the Aug updates and then paused everything again so that the Sep updates are avoided for now.

      Nonetheless, I am wondering when the message might change to “I am worthy”, lol.

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      Intel NUC, Skylake 6th-gen, no special graphics card, Win 10 1909 Pro. Nothing changed. Downloaded MCT for 2004 to sock away for a rainy day. Updates through August, 2020, and seeing available updates for Sept. 2020. Using PK Cano’s Group Policy methods to put off the 2004 update until I’m ready for it. So far, no offers, and nothing indicating not worthy.

      -- rc primak

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