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    https://twitter.com/WindowsUpdate/status/1141125011115134976 [Windows Release Health Update – New Message] We are beginning to train the machine learn
    [See the full post at: Patch Lady – if you are running 1803 or earlier]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Any hint whether the traditional version upgrade blocks — defer updates for Pro, metered connection for Home — will continue to work?

      We are now beginning to build and train the machine learning (ML) based rollout process to update devices running the April 2018 Update, and earlier versions of Windows 10, to ensure we can continue to service these devices and provide the latest updates, security updates and improvements.

      Also i note with some trepidation that”Download and install now” doesn’t play a large part in these new promises.

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    • #1848218

      That’s okay with me, I do an image before any updating. If they mess my system up too badly, I’ll put my image back on and gut windows update so badly it will never work again ever. I make a fresh image once a week, and using 3rd party software for security and updating my drivers and hardware directly through the manufacturers , I can deal them completely out of the game and I can fall back on my images at any time. Bring it on MS.

      ( Future Group W ? )

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    • #1848317

      v1607 still gets 1809

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    • #1848443

      just apeared:
      June 18, 2019 — KB4502563 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 10, version 1803

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    • #1848525

      Hi Patch Lady


      FYI: I have 2 PCs. 1803 on first one. No offer for 1903 on last update.

      The other PC is 1809. I have received the offer to update to 1903 on that one. States” when you are ready you can download and install.”

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      Attached is screenshot



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      • #1848628

        Excellent. That’s exactly how it should go – and I hope that “Download and install now” option stays there until November 11, when 1803 hits end of life.

    • #1848771

      Win10 1803 Home here and I’m hoping that metered connection and wushowhide will be enough to block the feature update once it is actually pushed to my system. So far, Windows Update is only offering to update to 1903 with a “when you are ready you can download and install” message, just like the one seen in the screenshot attached to bishbash’s post above. No way I’m going to be ready at least until 1903 is declared (more or less) safe to upgrade to here…

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    • #1849050

      I’m not ready for 1903 yet. I wanted to see if I could update my 1803 Pro to to 1809 through the usual channels. I was up to date through June CU KB4503268 Build 17134.829, not seeing ANY of the new settings, not offered either 1809 or 1903, even after “checking for updates.

      “My original settings: SAC, Feature deferral=365, Quality deferral=0, No pause. In Group Policy, Configure Automatic Updates=Enabled, value 2 (notify download/install). I am NOT using any third-party update blockers. The Feature deferral of 365 preventing beint offered feature updates.

      Trying @zero2dash ‘s method, I set Feature deferrals to 32 days (it has not been 32 days since 1903’s release, so that should give me 1809). Checking for updates, SAC kept me from being offered the June Preview CU. Sure enough, I was offered Feature Update 1809. It installed as Build 17763.592.

      I put the Feature deferral on 1809 back to 365 days. I am NOT seeing 1903 offered nor the “download and install now” section in Windows Update. Everything seems to be working. BitDefender Free, Malwarebytes Free, Open Shell Menu

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      • #1849238

        Important info!

        Thanks for being the guinea pig. 🙂

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      • #1870994

        I hope I did not miss this advice.

        1.  I have Windows 10 Home version 1803.  How do you set the deferral date, or number of days to search, i.e.,>32 days if Home does not provide that possibility?

        I’d like to avoid 1903 as long as possible.

        2.  I have another question regarding advice given.  Woody often says don’t install anything if it is not checked as necessary.  I have not seen checked and unchecked updates since my Win 7 died.  They have never come to Win 10 that way.  Other than reading Ask Woody, how do we figure out updates to download?  I download the cumulative updates, the MSRT, and the Adobe Flash updates always, and nothing else any more.

        • #1870998

          Win10 Home Edition does not have deferrals, that is the Pro version only.
          Updates are not checked or unchecked, you just get them.
          Supposedly you will now get a choice to “Pause” updates. But realize that at the end of the pause period you will have to install whatever is in the update queue before you can use the pause again. You are not “preventing,” you are just “puttin off for a while.”
          The only way to control updates in Win10 Home (other than third-party blocker programs) is a combination of Metered Internet connections and the use of wushowhide to try to hide them.

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          • #1871001

            Thank you Pk Cano.  I am using the two methods you said were my only option, and because I did the switch to a MacBook after 6 months of Windows 10 having been fed up with MS, I started to use the WUMT combined with Windows. Update Blocker.  I know Woody does not recommend the WUMT, but the Win 10 machine is a necessary evil these days.  Most months I only use the machine for updates.  I know there are and will be times I need to use it for a client, but I just want to keep it running.  I guess I will go to 1903 when I have to do so.

            Thanks for your time!

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            • #1871002

              I really can spell!  It’s two methods, not too!  Edit:  I realized you can correct your posts and did so, but you can’t delete redundant ones like this one now that I edited above.

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            • #1871022

              Same here. My reliable machine is on Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.


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    • #1849334

      2.5 hours later, 1903 installed and still banging away at the HDD (My fault, I need RAM and an SSD)
      Home user here. Checked Windows Update. It said updates are available. Made no mention of 1903. Update for Defender and KB4023057 update to 1803. But it appears I’m getting 1903.
      This is on my primary box. My secondary box is almost identical but has “Download and install now”
      I’m gonna wait and see how long it takes for 1903 to push to my secondary box.
      They turned off my preference for Windows Photo Viewer for JPG’s, had to change it back from their “Photo” app. I’m sure there’s more.

      Here it comes, no option, no warning. I don’t have any idea why my primary box is different from my secondary box. I included pics with the OS Build for both. The secondary box pics are blu-ish.
      https://photos.app.goo.gl/k9cPrw94Zya3aLPS8Secondary Box
      My secondary box
      My primary box
      Secondary has download and install

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    • #1849388

      I don’t have any idea why my primary box is different from my secondary box.

      Both are not on the same 1803 build. One probably has the “Download and install now” update or a different version of Windows Servicing stack.

    • #1849916

      Did few tests, Windows 10 Pro, default settings,

        no deferrals

      1803 and 1809:
      after applying the “Download and install now” enablers, KB4499183 (OS Build 17134.799) and KB4497934 (OS Build 17763.529) or later
      both 1803 and 1809 gets feature update 1903, with or without seeking

      gets feature update 1809 with seeking, and feature update 1803 without seeking

      gets feature update 1803 with or without seeking

      funny that when i set deferral to 1 day, 1703 and 1709 get feature update 1903

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      • #1849973

        When you upgraded 1803 and 1809 to 1903, did 1903 lose the deferral settings? In 1903 we have seen the pulldown settings disappear if you try to set them to any value other than 0.

        • #1850036

          I didn’t do any upgrades, merely checks, i shall test that ASAP

        • #1851191

          Yep, FU deferral box disappear once i change it to non-zero

          maybe it’s intentional move so the user cannot change the period frequently? 🙂

          anyway, the period can be still controlled with registry


          group policy can be used to workaround this, the box will show up greyed, but at least you can know the period

          its period also can be controlled with registry

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          • #1857864

            abbodi – how do I get to that Group Policy?  I have Win 10 Pro 64-bit version 1903.


            • #1858095

              Run gpedit.msc

              Computer Configuration
              > Administrative Templates
              > Windows Components
              > Windows Update
              > Windows Update for Business

              Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received
              > click Enabled
              > select Semi-Annual Channel
              > enter the days in the box
              > leave Pause box empty

              the policy (and even normal advanced options) will not take effect unless a Windows Update scan is done
              – either reboot or let the system do it on its own
              – or click “Check for updates” button to initiate seeking scan
              – or my favorite way to scan without seeking, run cmd as administrator and execute:
              net stop wuauserv

              UsoClient.exe StartInteractiveScan

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        • #1851317

          BTW, i tested the same for Quality Update defer, disappears too
          so it’s probably a bug

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    • #1860419

      Mary Jo Foley has a recent article on ZDNet on whether or not 1903 is compatible with their devices:


      also in that article she also got a statement from MS regarding the automatic update to 1903 for those running v1803 & earlier:

      “Commercial customers who manage their Windows Updates will have their policies regarding when updates begin to be offered to their device(s) respected. Those customers who are using Windows Update for Business policies to determine when their devices update will not be pushed an update until their deferral period has lapsed.

      so those using 1803 & earlier AND using “Windows Update for Business” will not be automatically updated to 1903 unless their deferral period has expired

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