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  • Patch Lady – October’s updates are installed

    Posted on Susan Bradley Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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    This topic contains 30 replies, has 16 voices, and was last updated by  Bill C. 1 year, 3 months ago.

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      Susan Bradley
      AskWoody MVP

      Woody may not be giving the all clear, but for those of you that are corporate patchers, I’ve installed October’s updates (and the Windows 7 servicing
      [See the full post at: Patch Lady – October’s updates are installed]

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      On a test rig for Windows 7 I installed KB3177467 V2 manually from Ghacks MS Catalog link and then I installed KB4462915 Group-B October update.

      After a reboot I was offered KB3177467 again which I installed and then was offered some older updates now everything seems fine.

      So for Group B installers it seems we must wait for KB3177467 V2 to be offered.

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      • #226959 Reply

        AskWoody Plus

        @anonymous – I don’t understand your last sentence. If you installed KB 3177467 v2 manually from the MS catalog and then the Security Only update (KB 4462915), how can you conclude that Group B must wait until KB 3177467 v2 is offered? I’m assuming that by ‘offered’ you mean offered by Windows Update. Or are you simply saying that KB 3177467 v2 needs to be installed before installing the Security Only update (which is something I think we knew already)?


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          I am saying,  I think you can’t install it manually and you have to wait for Windows Update to offer it.

          If Update needs it then it will offer it through Update. Don’t bother installing before the Security Only Update if you are in Group B.

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            AskWoody Lounger

            @anonymous… was “v1” already installed on this computer prior to manually installing “v2”?

            Please copy/paste the command below into an elevated command prompt and provide the results. The results will not only show which “versions” of KB3177467 you have installed it will also show the installation dates and times of each one.

            dism /online /get-packages /Format:Table|findstr KB3177467

            Thanks in advance!

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              OK it appears I didn’t have KB3177467 installed on that particular computer.  I look after 10 computers that boot Windows 7 and most have KB3177467 already installed.

              I feel for the IT people who look after 100  or more computers.
              So when I recently downloaded the version from the Microsoft Catalog it was installed as version 1 which I installed before the October SO Update.
              Then after a reboot I was then offered KB3177467 which was installed as version 2.
              I suppose I would have maybe got an error if I had of tried to install the Update before I installed version 1.
              Thanks Ed
              Edit: removal of excessive line spacing

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              AskWoody Lounger

              After KB3177467-v2 was released it got a bit confusing unless you paid close attention to the release dates in the Catalog listings, I had several people call to ask which one they needed.

              This whole mess could have easily been avoided if they would have just given “v2” an entirely different KB number!

              FWIW… you would NOT have gotten any messages by installing ONLY v2. V2 is not dependent on v1.

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      AskWoody Lounger


      2018-10-10 — Offered this morning by Microsoft.KB4462923 — Security Quality Monthly rollup for win 7
      2018-10-11 — KB4462923 has been removed ( an Error 0x8000FFFaparently occurs on install )
      KB4457144 — 2018-09 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64 based systems offered in its place..

      Apparently the error is caused by a lack of KB3177467, (the last Servicing Stack Update for Windows 7) offered as an optional update in October 2016
      I have checked all machines and KB3177467, (the last Servicing Stack Update for Windows 7) was installed in October 2016
      Apparently a v2 of KB3177467 has been released but not yer offered to me.

      It is unclear whether the v2 of KB3177467 is required or whether the original (now called v1) will be adequate.

      These are my notes for October 2018 — win 7 pro — It is unclear what I should do as KB4462923 is not being offered on any of my machines.


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        Still being offered 4462923 here, although it’s unchecked.

      • #227082 Reply

        AskWoody Plus

        Hide the updates which you see listed in Windows Update. After doing so, KB3177467 v2 will then show up in Windows Update. Since you have v1 installed, you will not have to reboot after installing v2. Once v2 is installed, check for updates again. Now you should be offered the other new updates. Remember to un-hide any updates which you hid a few minutes earlier if you wish to install those updates.

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          Bill C.
          AskWoody Plus

          Windows 7-64Pro, SP1 on Intel DX58SO2 MB with Intel® X58 Express Chipset, i7-960 (Bloomfield) CPU, 12GB Ram, Group “B”.

          Here are my October 2018 patching experiences. As always, YMMV. After reviewing Susan Bradley’s patch list, and some other posters’ results, I decided to ease into my October updating the other night. I ran the Belarc Advisor to see what they were saying was missing. It showed KB3177467 was Critical and missing.

          I already had the original KB3177467 from its install in 2016. I first attempted to install KB3177467 V2 from the catalog. The install failed saying it was already present. I rebooted. I then did all the Office 2010 patches and the MSRT from WU. All successful. I hid the umpteenth version of KB2952664 (again!)

          I rebooted and stopped the WU service. I then installed the October IE patch KB4462949 for x64. Success. I rebooted and again stopped the WU service and holding my breath installed KB4462915 for x64. The install was fast and successful. I then rebooted successfully. Everything seemed OK. I ran WU, and there was nothing new.

          I again started Belarc Advisor, and it still said KB3177467 was Critical and missing. I again went to the MS Update catalog and downloaded KB3177467 (v2). It was successful this time. Belarc showed no missing patches. A final run of WU did not present any new updates. I then installed the .NET Rollup from WU. Not sure what was up with the first instance of KB3177467_v2 not installing.

          I finished by verifying that the WU settings had not changed and all the tasks were as before.

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      Da Boss

      Did you install any of the Win10 cumulative updates – specifically yesterday’s 1803 CU?

    • #226979 Reply


      Dear Patch Lady , Any idea when the Defcon Level will change? We use it as a LAW before applying patches

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Group A, Win7Pro-64_SP1, Intel Ivy Bridge (dual core) processor here.

      Despite Susan’s feedback (thank you Susan!), for now I’ll wait and refrain from installing the Monthly Rollup (KB4462923) update.

      Earlier this week I did a few little, limited beta testing experiments with my updated system and the other October’s updates: had no issues with the Security Only (KB4462915) update (good news for Group B) but after installing the IE Cumulative Update (KB4462949) I experienced a few random hang-ups and system freezes, apparently related with the standard Common Control dialogs – for e.g. a consistent trigger was opening IE and attempting to use the “Save As” dialog from a webpage. Maybe it was just coincidence, but removing KB4462949 fixed that.

      Thus, since we’re at DEFCON-2 I’ll stick, for now, with what Woody and the MVP’s recommend: WAIT.

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      Mr. Natural
      AskWoody Plus

      2 days ago I approved all the October patches for IE, .Net, SW Removal tool, Office 2013 open license and not running into any issues. I still have not approved the 2 October OS updates for Windows 7. All of our Windows 10 systems are on 1803. I installed the original October 1803 update on my pc but never released it. Just as I was considering pushing it, lo and behold a new October update is out and the previous update has been superseded. I just installed it on my pc but will not be pushing that as it’s way too early for that.

      Update: I decided to also release KB3177467 v2 to windows 7 systems in order to begin to be able to move forward with those systems.

      Red Ruffnsore reporting from the front lines.

    • #227160 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      I HID 2 Optional and Installed Office ’10 Updates, MSRT, and the 4.7.2 Net Framewk Update with No Issues.

      With V1 Inst’d Oct ’16 – the V2 KB3177467 from the Catalog dated 10-10-18 had produced “Already Installed”, SO the Real KB3177467 DID appear after the Re-Start from the mentioned Updates. No Re-Start requested after install. The KB4462923 Monthly Sec Rollup THEN appeared on the next Check For as advertised and Inst’d without issue.

      W10-64 1909 Home / Hm-Stdnt Ofce '16 C2R / HP Envy i5-8400/ 12 GB / 256G SSD + 1 TB HDD / InSpectre #8 = GREEN

      • #227163 Reply

        Da Boss

        Can you verify whether KB4462923 (Oct Monthly Rollup) was a CHECKED or an UNCHECKED important update?

    • #227171 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      Can you verify whether KB4462923 (Oct Monthly Rollup) was a CHECKED or an UNCHECKED important update?

      It was — UN-chk’d …. at first.

      W10-64 1909 Home / Hm-Stdnt Ofce '16 C2R / HP Envy i5-8400/ 12 GB / 256G SSD + 1 TB HDD / InSpectre #8 = GREEN

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    • #227193 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      Any recommendations for Office patches on Windows 7?


      • #227197 Reply

        Da Boss

        See Susan’s Master Patch List – it will depend on which version of Office you have. Those are for the installed versions of Office.

        Office CTR and 355 have their own updating systems.

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    • #227209 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Can you verify whether KB4462923 (Oct Monthly Rollup) was a CHECKED or an UNCHECKED important update?


      I just did an windows update check.
      KB4462923 is unchecked and listed as the only important update.

      I have 2 optional updates.
      I do have the v1 of the service stack update downloaded after I installed a new hard drive. Nov. 2017 is the date installed.

      So, just to clarify, in order to get the v2 I have to hide updates and it will then appear.
      I’m then suppose to install v2 and then the rollup will show up checked???

      I’m adding a snip it of my windows update result.

      Dell Inspiron 660 (new hard drive installed and Windows 7 reloaded Nov. 2017)
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP 1 GROUP A
      Processor: Intel i3-3240 (ivy bridge 3rd generation)
      chipset Intel (R) 7 series/C216
      chipset family SATA AHCI Controller -1 E02
      NIC Realtek PCLE GBE Family Controller
      MSE antivirus
      Chrome browser

      • #227218 Reply

        Da Boss

        See #227057. The SSU will not show up in the important queue unless there are no pending updates in the important queue (checked or unchecked). So you will have to hide the unchecked Rollup temporarily to get v2 to show up. You are probably seeing the Rollup b/c you hid 2018-09 Preview for Win7 (that’s Sept Preview) – I’m guessing, b/c that’s when it showed up for me.

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    • #227231 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Hide the updates which you see listed in Windows Update. After doing so, KB3177467 v2 will then show up in Windows Update. Since you have v1 installed, you will not have to reboot after installing v2. Once v2 is installed, check for updates again. Now you should be offered the other new updates

      Thank you for your reply GoneToPlaid — I did as you said and hid 2018-09 — KB4457144.

      2018-08-15 — KB 4343900 was then presented for installation.

      No sign of 2018-10-11 — KB4462923 or KB3177467

      Hiding 2018-08-15 — KB 4343900  only brought me back to 2018-09 — KB4457144 offered for installation.

      All my computers are up to date as of December 2017 and KB3177467 is

      installed on all of them as of October 2016.

      The longer this ongoing MS updating problem continues, the more convinced I have become that MS updates are a far bigger threat to my computers than malware, viruses, etc which both my ISP and each of my computers have working detection programs installed — that work.

      Where do I go from here?????


      • #227235 Reply

        Da Boss
        • #227241 Reply

          AskWoody Lounger

          Sorry but it does not help at all. I searched for KB3177467 v2 on google and found

          There, it is listed for download as “critical” and “Security” versions which only adds to the confusion.

          It should be presented on windows update if it is required. As it is not, on my computers, then I presume it is not required — why is KB4462923 October updare not presented for installation??????????

          MS seems to be silent


          • #227244 Reply

            Da Boss

            The SSU KB3177467 will not show up in the important update queue as long as there aer any other updates pendint (checked or unchecked). If you hide (temporarily) or install all the updates showing under “Important updates,” KB3177467 v2 will appear as a checked update.  That’s what was done in the link provided.

    • #227238 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Group A, Win 7, x64, Home Premium. First, on October 14th, I successfully installed all October patches except SSU – V2 (was not offered at that time) and the October monthly rollup (offered as important, yet unchecked). However, as I had never installed KB3172605 back in 2016, I had also decided to install that update on October 14th as well (successfully) based on one of the forum articles posted here. My hunch is that the installation of KB3172605 caused WU to hang upon restart, being stuck on the “Preparing to…” message. However, powering off and rebooting did confirm successful installation of KB3172605 as well as all of the other October updates cited above.

      Today, I first hid the unchecked October monthly rollup and was offered SSU – V2. This installation was successful and marked as a security update in “View Installed Updates”. Even though no reboot was required by WU, after I unhid the October monthly rollup and WU re-checked for updates, the October monthly rollup was still marked unchecked. So I decided to reboot before attempting the installation of the October monthly rollup.

      Upon reboot, my computer got stuck again on the “Preparing to…” message (even though in theory the reboot was not required). Upon this hard reboot after the installation of SSU – V2, NOW the October monthly rollup was offered as important AND checked. However, I first decided to uninstall KB3172605 – successfully – believing that doing so would allow my computer to reboot normally after my subsequent installation of the October monthly rollup. The good news is that the checked monthly rollup installed successfully.

      However, my computer was still stuck on the “Preparing to…” message. However, after one final hard reboot, the computer finally displayed the message showing the percentage status of the update configuration, powered itself off, rebooted itself, and finished the update configuration again showing the update percentage status as if after a normal reboot after installing critical updates.

      In addition to the October monthly rollup KB4462923 showing as successfully installed upon reboot, WU also displayed the “culprit” KB3172605 as optional – which of course I hid!

      I would appreciate if anyone had information as to whether my recent installation of KB3172605 two weeks ago was the cause of WU suddenly failing to restart and reboot normally after installing updates.

      It also appears that the uninstall of KB3172605 may have slowed down the time it takes for WU to check for updates. After the October monthly rollup installed successfully, I checked for updates one more time and I aborted the process after it failed to complete after 20 minutes. I don’t know if such a wait time is normal when all updates have been installed and the update queue is empty. My understanding was that the time required to check for updates was resolved by Microsoft on their end rather than being resolved by WU updates that were introduced back in 2016. My hope is that the belated installation and subsequent uninstall of KB3172605 did not inadvertently slow down the WU process on my computer.

    • #227297 Reply

      Frank n St31n
      AskWoody Lounger

      I have just gone through Susan`s Master Patch List.

      I am wondering whats happened with the 2018-10  Windows 7 monthly quality roll-up being  ( KB4462927 ) as on my computer it is still listed as Preview in Optional in AU.

      I did install KB3177467 V2 Service Stack which was the only one i had listed as Important.

      Possible has not been pushed through in AU as Important due to Date differences between AU and USA ???


      • #227308 Reply

        Da Boss

        The 2018-10 Preview KB4462927 is NOT the same as the 2018-10 Monthly Rollup KB4462923.

        Currently, the 2018-10 Monthly Rollup is either not listed or listed as an UNCHECKED important update, depending on what you have installed and/or hidden.

        See #227057. This is what I had to do to get KB4462923 to show up in the important updates list, and even then it was UNCHECKED.

        Patching is still unclear. WAIT until the DEFCON number is 3 or above and Woody will have instructions on how to patch safely.

    • #228018 Reply


      I downloaded and installed KB3177467 V2 from the Windows Update Catalog, but the 2018-10 Monthly Rollup KB4462923
      did not show up in Windows Update. I did not hide the update.

      I also download KB4462923 from the Windows Update Catalog, should I install it or wait?

      Win7 Pro x64.

      • #228215 Reply


        I also download KB4462923 from the Windows Update Catalog, should I install it or wait?

        As PKCano recommended just above your post in his reply to FranknSt31n:

        “Patching is still unclear. WAIT until the DEFCON number is 3 or above and Woody will have instructions on how to patch safely.”

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