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    So I was reading a news story from a web site on my iphone and this popped up.  Others have reported it as well. In the past it’s been reported that i
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Very useful advice for users of all levels. Thanks for the reminder.

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      Are you using an ad blocker with your iPhone?

      Nathan Parker

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        I know your question isn’t for me but I do use an ad blocker and I’m on iOS 13.7 for both the iPhone and iPad. Haven’t had any issues mentioned here in this topic. I use the Apple news app regularly as well as browsing the internet with both devices, mainly the iPad for heavy Safari use. Have not had any weird pop ups.

        MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and SOS at times.

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        No I’m not.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Malwarebytes (free) and Ad Block Plus are two great ad blockers for iPhone. I haven’t had these popups yet.

      Nathan Parker

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        I use Norton Ad Blocker and it works good. After reading some of the comments on the Apple discussion link Patch Lady provided, there are people using iOS 14 and seeing this pop up. I wonder if the new release iOS 14 has anything to do with it. Possibly related to an ad blocker app and the new update? Or the lack of having an ad blocker might be more like it.

        MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and SOS at times.

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        I have both in my Mac: same good experience there. In my case: “Adblock Plus” and Malwarebytes Free version. My ‘real-time’ protection is Webroot SecureAnywhere.

        An ad blocker not only stops ads from popping up in one’s face and shouting and dancing and clapping hands and annoying the heck out of anyone who is trying to do whatever it is, but some already sick ones could infect in turn with malware the devices of their unwilling recipients. Or so I’ve been told.

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      Safari has build-in pop-ups blocker.

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      You might try Quad9 DNS, as well. They have an app for Android. No rooting required.


      Unlike many of the reputable public DNS services that are managed by for-profit corporations, Quad9 is run by a non-profit entity. Called the Global Cyber Alliance, it is founded by various law enforcement and research organizations to help reduce cyber-crime. The group launched Quad9 in partnership with IBM and Packet Clearing House (PCH) with the goal of protecting users from the deluge of malware-propagating malicious domains

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        Changing DNS has nothing to do with this particular (or any other) pop up.
        The pop up appeared in reputable news sites and other sites which are not
        Regarded as

        malware-propagating malicious domains

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      This popped up for me yesterday on my labtop when I accessed Reddit. Of course I didn’t download anything and just closed the download window. It ain’t the first time Reddit has bad ads so just a heads up to those who might hang around there as well

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      It’s also easy to get stuck in a loop when these kinds of malicious sites hit you. The default behavior of mobile browsers, for whatever stupid reason, is to reopen the previous page if the app has been forced to close. Seriously, WHY?

      I’d say it’s better to first try to close the tab in question to prevent this from happening.

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      Good advice! More users need to learn how to back out of a bad site or anything really by using Task Manager or even forcing a shut down. When you become click happy you can become very unhappy.

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      Changing DNS wouldn’t resolve this particular issue, but I use Cisco OpenDNS and looking into possibly adding on Umbrella for additional protection at the DNS level.

      Nathan Parker

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