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    For those of you with Windows 7 ESUs that could not install the July .NET KB4565636 patch it looks like the issue has been resolved. A new version of
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I’m glad I went with 0patch Pro for keeping my Windows 7 workstation secure, instead of the more expensive, and slightly painful to set up, MS ESU. Microsoft can’t keep their own patches clean and trouble free.


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      I wonder if there are any FES ESU customers at all, to worth all this trouble

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      Susan, Woody:


      Thanks very much for posting information on the updated/fixed July .NET KB4565636 patch.  The updated patch installed without a problem.

      Regards, anonymous


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      I’ve now installed the .NET patch on all three Windows 7 ESU computers.  The installation was simple and flawless and the machines are all working properly.

      Thanks again to Woody and Susan.

      Regards, anonymous




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      Note: I’m not advising anyone to do (or not do) anything here, but always bear in mind that updates to older systems are not strictly necessary. Nothing stops them from working. It’s up to you based on your own level of concern about security and the application of that older system whether you feel you need to “fix” something that may not be “broken”.

      A real world example: You may have a system on your internal network that serves files or an old application and isn’t used for general purpose computing and doesn’t regularly reach out to the WAN (i.e., nobody browses the web from it)… You may not feel anything needs to be updated.

      In fact I have a small system like this myself and it works just as well today as in 2017, which is when it got its last Windows update, right before the “Spectre/Meltdown” [non-]crisis hype resulted in Microsoft pushing out a much less efficient Windows 7 implementation “in the name of security”. I reboot it only every year or so and don’t see a need to update it at all. TCO has essentially reached the price of electricity (it draws 22 watts).



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