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    [yop_poll id=”4″] Well how is everyone doing the day after in your early testing of the updates?
    [See the full post at: Patch Tuesday poll – how is the testing going?]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      How many reports are there that Windows 10 did NOT survive April’s patch?

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        I have seen someone claim April patch killed file explorer’s creating new folders (no option for ‘new’).

        • #2357714

          I have not seen that on my test machines. Creating new folders works just as before on v2004.

        • #2357742

          I have seen someone claim April patch killed file explorer’s creating new folders (no option for ‘new’).


          – I’d love to read about it if you’d care to share a link to the claim you read. Dead serious.
          Seriously, I think it would be of good help to those who haven’t patched yet, or who have patched and have experienced the same issue!

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          • #2357807

            I hope I can find it. It was a reply for a post detailing the new April updates.
            If I remember correctly the solution was to use ZtreeWin app or the old method : cmd.exe mkdir 🙂

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        My Windows 10 64-bit system has been completely bugged up since 4/15 and this sucks!

        • #2362267

          Please provide more details if you need help.

          Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.607 +Microsoft 365 +Edge

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      I survived the April Second Tuesday because I had “Update” paused for two weeks. Your poll did not allow for this as a vote so I voted “no problems”. I hope that is close enough.

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      Also voted “no problems” because I have Windows 8.1 set to not check for updates – until given the green light from AskWoody/Susan. Related: the Master Patch list still shows “Defer” for the March 2021 Windows 8.1 updates – but it shows the sheet updated as of 3/26; hence, it looks like I missed the March updates completely.

      • #2357687

        That’s currently Susan’s recommendation for everyone:

        March 26, 2021 — Update Status
        March’s updates should be installed only if you are willing to take the risk for home users/consumers and it’s up to businesses.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.607 +Microsoft 365 +Edge

        • #2357706

          Yes, but that advise was posted over two weeks ago…

          • #2358617

            Yes indeed!

            Is that advice still current, Susan?

            I have installed the March updates, incl. the out-of-band, and have so far not seen anything strange. It much also be said that I haven´t had the energy to try printing, so if that is broken i don´t know.

            Should i uninstall the March mess?

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      Your ‘poll’ is a bit silly because the ‘choices’ aren’t really choices.  The results look like only Windows 10 had a majority of successful updates. In actuality the percentages in the results only show which OS the responder is using.

      I guess that one could say that because only 3.8% said they needed help, then 96.2% of the update attempts were successful. (The Linux people would need to be eliminated.)

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      • #2358014

        Right, although I might call it “lacking needed context” rather than “silly.”  The fact that 11% of responses are Windows 7 users who updated successfully doesn’t tell me much unless I know what portion of updaters are using Windows 7. Although, yes, the fact that the overall “needed help” number is 1 in 25 shows that things went well for most people.  OTOH, if this month is typical could you take that as meaning that over the course of a year, half of responders will need help (4% times 12)?

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      I was trialing the update blocker in Easus Tools M. It failed and Windows update did its thing  live. No issues 10H2. Easus is gone later today.


      BTW I have a blacklist on my logon. I don;t post that often so, no big deal posting anon instead.

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        BTW I have a blacklist on my logon. I don;t post that often so, no big deal posting anon instead.

        I don’t think you do. Why do you think you do?

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.607 +Microsoft 365 +Edge

    • #2357705

      So far testing Server 2019 and Win 10 20H2 is going well. Fingers crossed!

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      Like others, I do not install updates on the day they are released. I wait for the AskWoody Defcon system to signal it’s time to take the plunge.

      • #2357725

        Ergo why this survey is getting testing feedback.  We test so you don’t have to.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

    • #2357710

      None of the above, I’m still on pause.

    • #2357713

      Win 7 x64  —  April has same bug as March did:  .net 4 app that tries to display jpg can not do so, only a grey square shows where the jpg image should be.  Uninstalled and it’s working again, same as last month.  So stuck going no further than the Feb updates.



      • #2357724

        What’s the application?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

        • #2357853

          app is Album Art Downloader.  Problem appears to be just W7, and was present with both March Updates [Qual and Security] and again in April.  It is not related to .Net update from March, that worked fine and is still installed.  Must be in some foundational library in MS’s stuff.  The app uses web access library to query many different album cover sites and present results to user, has been around for many years and works well, but not seeing the cover results makes it pretty usless! BTW, you can still click the “grey placeholder” and download the cover, and the resulting file is just fine and looks fine [in irfanview], it’s just that you can’t see the displayed image.  Sounds VERY SIMILAR to the reported problems with PRINTING graphics, but here we’re talking the display.  [And last month’s “fix printing” update from mid-month did not fix it].



    • #2357743

      I’m on Window s10 Pro x64 20H2 and went through Patch Tuesday just fine…because I didn’t patch, I just hid the two I was offered, MSRT and the monthly update for 20H2, with wushowhide.

      Patiently waiting until at least the 27th to even consider installing the April parch, especially given that it’s supposed to forcibly uninstall legacy Edge from our systems, even if we’ve already installed Chredge on our own.

      I take a fairly dim view of being a canary in the proverbial coal mine unless it’s in my job description and I’m adequately prepared for any potential misfortune.  🙂

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    • #2357752

      Updated my main workstation (20H2) and so far no issues noted. Prints OK, my normal programs seem in order and sfc came up clean. I did update last month also with no issues.

      Never Say Never

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    • #2357758

      I got a SSU for Windows 8.1 which I installed – no real problem.  It sort of died at first, then installed on the second try.  I haven’t installed the Windows 8.1 security-only update – yet.


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    • #2357768

      With the latest April patches installed, all canon fodder is well, alive and kicking, on this front. 


      [2022-02] Corsair One i300, 64 GB RAM, RTX 3080 Ti, Samsung 1800R 48" 3840x1080, 1 2TB M2 SSD, 1 1TB SATA SSD, 1 5TB USB3 HDD.

      [2015-02] Clevo P17SM-A, 32GB RAM, GTX 970M, ext LG 27" 1920x1080,
      500 GB SSD, 1TB SATA HDD, 4 5TB USB3.0 HDD's, 4 2TB USB3.0 HDD's,
      1 3TB USB3.0 HDD, 1 1TB eSATA HDD.

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    • #2357793

      Win 10 Home laptop updated, no issues. Win 10 Pro pc not yet updated (I usually wait a couple of weeks before updating that one)

    • #2357880

      Susan: You might want to add “Paused updates for now”, or something similar so we can see how many voters are wait to install updates.


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    • #2357864


      Reports in the internet of CU 2021-04 KB5001330 DNS Issues have cropped-up with Dental Software Dentrix users:

      1) https://hsione.force.com/dentrixguest/s/article/Unable-To-Access-Common-Folder-Due-to-Windows-Update-KB001330
      2) https://www.reddit.com/r/msp/comments/mqpb1r/kb5001330_blocking_access_to_network_shares/?sort=new
      3) https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/748863/kb5001330-dns-issues-anyone/

      So this should be under the survey as Windows 10 survived just fine – Nope.


    • #2357905

      On my test box, Win10Pro 20H2, KB5001330 fails to install with error 0x800ff0988; the Microsoft-suggested fix “dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup” doesn’t help.

    • #2357882

      There is an issue if you have a screensaver running when you apply this update. When the set time on the screensaver starts on Windows Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.870) the system reboots to Lock Screen. Cheers Microsoft!!

    • #2358007

      Windows 10 survived just fine on both systems in my signature.

      The usual Macrium Reflect backups were made before updating, of course.

      PC1: Gigabyte B560M D2V Motherboard, Intel i5 11400 CPU, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card, 1x Samsung 870 EVO 250GB SSD, 1x Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD, Windows 11 Home 21H2 64bit.
      PC2: Asus H81M-PLUS Motherboard, Intel i3-4160 CPU, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Card, 1x Samsung 870 EVO 250GB SSD, 1x Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD, Windows 11 Home 21H2 64bit.

    • #2358056

      How many reports are there that Windows 10 did NOT survive April’s patch?

      KB5001330 Windows Update is reportedly causing performance drop in games, failed installs and bootloops

    • #2358109

      I’ve had very little issues with updates lately. Obviously those who do are going to be the loudest in expressing how they feel. I would say that I think overall the problems associated with bugs in security updates and upgrades have increased on all operating systems I use. Including IOS, MacOS, Linux Mint, Windows 10 Home. Some issues are not so bad as to affect the use of the device but are still annoying. Every month it seems Windows has a laundry list of fixes for so many security holes. Obviously the number of fixes greatly increase the potential for issues.

    • #2358172

      Ha. Susan said no, and that’s how it stays, until she says yes.


    • #2358187

      IMO, this is not a poll to ask opinions about updating in general. It is not intended to be a discussion on whether or not to update or when to update. It is asking those who have installed the update how it is going.


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    • #2358189

      None of the above. I’m running Arch Linux.

    • #2358194

      Although I like the idea of having a testing poll, I think the responses as presented are not useful.  It’s impossible to interpret the data without additional information.  I hope in the future the polling questions would be amended and the results presented in a way that would allow viewers to assess the number of reported problems that people have experienced with each OS based on actual completed updates, as opposed to people who paused updates, etc.
      Thank  you for continuing to be a wonderful resource for windows users.

      • #2358209

        I was specifically asking about those who were testing updates. I’ll make it clearer next time.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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    • #2358266

      No joy on an AMD PC – AMD APU, no discrete GFX – WIN10 20H2 – Brother Printer

      NOTE: I am managing this PC with AnyDesk from Texas to very elderly Mother in SC so I cannot see if/what PC HDD LED’s are showing.

      I had to install a new Office 365 plus some other program updates so I went ahead and mad a Macrium backup and let WU start downloads of April items.  WU also still wanted to offer Intel Microcode but at least not the KB402 we are deferring.

      KB5001330 was last to download and started fine but first seemed to hang at 25% then finally completed.

      It started Install and first stopped at 45% then 65% and then finally 100% but stayed there for a good while w/o completion and request for Restart.  It finally requested restart so let that complete, no issue with Windows load and sign-in, standard “finishing up, do not turn off PC”.

      Seemed to be okay but I always go back into WU afterwards to see that everything is complete in History etc.

      As soon as I opened WU it said it was re-installing the KB5001330.  This hung at 25% and never completed.

      I had to get this PC accessible  so I risked a restart and then went back to WU and manually paused updates.  I didn’t appear to suffer any damage with the interrupted/incomplete update and checking the History it is still not showing KB5001330 has been installed.

      PC is still working properly after several hours of other program installs and cleanup.  I set max pause to late May and will not try April again.

      I will be visiting in middle of May and may try again after we have all clear and have physical access to the PC and run Macrium restore if necessary.

    • #2358372

      2 Windows 10 Home v20H2 (One x64 laptop & another x86 netbook)
      Prepared Macrium Image System Backup before installing the 2021-04 CU patches via Windows Update.
      Started “Resume Update” while still under “Metered Connection” status:

      1) Windows 10 Home v20H2 x64 (Build 19042.867)
      a) Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for x64-based Systems v5.88 (KB890830)
      b) 2021-03 Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)
      c) 2021-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5001330)

      Windows Update proceeded to check and then download install b) first while a) and c) were in “Pending Download” status with the “Download” button at the bottom. Hit the “Download” button and proceeded with the download install of a) and c) at the same time. A restart then brought the system to build 19042.928.

      KB4023057 a.k.a. “Microsoft Update Health Tools” version was installed and can be found as listed both as a program under Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs And Features and as an app under Settings > Apps & features.

      2) Windows 10 Home v20H2 x86 (Build 19042.867)
      a) Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus – KB2267602 (Version 1.335.1040.0)
      b) Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for x86-based Systems v5.88 (KB890830)
      c) 2021-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x86-based Systems (KB5001330)

      Windows Update proceeded to check and install definition update a) and list both b) and c) in “Pending Download” status with the “Download” button below. An initial try in hitting “Download” button produced a hiccup with Windows Update download error – 0x80070005 with a “Retry” button for c). Hitting “Retry” started the install process for c) successfully. A restart then brought the system build to 19042.928.

      Paused Windows Update for both systems to furthest date available.

      Overall, Windows 10 survived just fine..(both printing and scans work, DNS resolution appears working as usual with internet browsers reaching websites without any problem and both systems passed the sfc and DISM Health checks).

      The patching of the 2021-03 CU KB5000802 back in March 2021 while still v2004 was also smooth (e.g. no printing issues encountered).

      Hope this helps.

    • #2358373

      None stop calls from clients looking for help……Windows updates are the WORSE…MS needs to fire everyone and hire real programs rather than the 2 year college drop outs that are hire there now.

      Here is my current breakdown of about 400 active clients and 200 partial active clients.

        Windows Xp survived just fine on 80-90 clients. No worries about those and clients are happy.

        Windows 7 did not survive. Have about 50 clients on a list to fix issues.

        Windows 8.1 did not survive. Have about 50 clients on a list to fix

        Windows 10 did not survive. Have about 400 clients on a list to fix issues.

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      • #2358383

        Can you be more specific?  I’m not seeing issues reported other than the Dentrix dental software – which IMHO is self inflicted by the vendor.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

    • #2358415

      Windows 8.1 Security-Only update KB5001393 installed without problems, but slowly.



    • #2358434

      Would it be fatuous to ask that a poll be run sometime in the future where legacy OS’s using 0Patch are included? (I know we’re a small group, but…)

      Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit, Dell Latitude E6330, Intel CORE i5 "Ivy Bridge", 12GB RAM, Group "0Patch", Multiple Air-Gapped backup drives in different locations. Linux Mint Greenhorn
      "Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it's being scared to death and going on anyway. The man who says he's fearless is a fool, and I won't have him in my command.” —Unknown

    • #2358519

      Would it be fatuous to ask that a poll be run sometime in the future where legacy OS’s using 0Patch are included? (I know we’re a small group, but…)

      I don’t recall reading about bugs after 0Patch on W7 and never encounter one on a W7 PC I help to maintain.

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    • #2358709

      April updates fixed “Windows NTFS Denial of Service Vulnerability“.

      an NTFS data corruption bug has been in the headlines. Microsoft plans to fix the bug, which makes Windows think it needs to fix drive corruption when you inadvertently click on a triggering file…

    • #2359218

      absolutely the BEST woody’s post in a decade, very useful & valuable, thanks for both your inspiration and classy execution. Please keep as regular feature… a sticky link on sidebar?


      be well, breathe and honor wabi sabi

    • #2359561

      Im sorry but this poll is about the stupidest thing i ever seen. Its like you making everybody as guinea pigs for your study susan. I miss the old way how this site was operated. Woody would warn everyone of potential problems with updates. And what to look out for. This poll was like throwing everyone under the bus and waiting for survivors to inform others how it went. SMH

    • #2359581

      No honestly I’m not throwing everyone to testing. I just know that every time I say “wait” I see quite a few people reporting that they had no issues. Thus I was quantifying that.

      So far I only see light reports – mostly in the gamer community, and with Dental software. Nothing is widespread this month.

      We ARE the testing arm of Microsoft, I just gather the data. My goal here is to show realistic numbers that not everyone is having issues and that most of the problems (well, with the exception of March, last June) are not widespread.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      • #2364065

        Susan, you said this site is the testing arm for microsoft. And you just gather data and apparently that of damage control. When i first came to this site. AskWoody was a site that was proactive and gave warning to possible damage. And not to update till the all clear is given. You dont operate like that. So again its like you are throwing everyone under the bus in order to gather and utilize data to forward it to MS for the greater of all good correct? Im sorry but since you have came onboard and taken the helm. Ask Woody has taken a nose dive in its pro-activeness in helping individuals

        • #2364089

          Yes I do operate like that. I also realize that many on this site install updates right away, ergo I’m also trying to let people know that for many of us updates DO install just fine. That’s why I put out that survey so that for those that DO install updates early that they could report on how their experience was.

          I’m HONEST proactive. I’m showcasing that not everyone has issues with updating. I don’t want to give you information that is “possible”, I’m giving you information that is probable and actionable.

          See the difference?

          Dear anonymous, read my posts. I haven’t changed one bit. I just changed the defcon today. But I also realize that some people DO install earlier than even I do and this was a way for them to let others know that their systems were fine.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady

        • #2364092

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady

    • #2359635

      As of 4/21 I have done the following updates through Windows Update (except the Win7 done manually) without any significant problems. All are Pro or Ultimate Editions:

      + 1 64-bit Win7 OS patched to Jan 2020 (offline, used as data backup) – MSRT, Office 2010 updates
      + 1 32-bit and 2 64-bit Win7 – patched to April 2021 using @abbodi86 ‘s method
      + 1 32-bit and 3 64-bit Win8.1 – fully patched to April 2021 (including 1 Office 2010)
      + 3 64-bit Win10 v20H2 to Build 19042.928

      Those that I am actively using online have seen no slowdowns or error messages.

      • #2359841

        I think you mean 19042.928 for Win10 20H2, PKCano

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        • #2359846

          Yes, that’s exactly what it says (after I edited it 🙂 🙂 )

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