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    Server and WSUS have their share of problems, too, and the new SSUs may need feeding. Details coming in Computerworld.
    [See the full post at: Patch Tuesday problems include even more reported bugs with Win10 version 1809]

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      In your article you mention the SSU’s and one thing I’ve experienced with 1809 is that Windows Update almost universally will fail to install the LCU on its first pass with error 0x8024200d.  It will then automatically re-try and successfully install the LCU.

      What I have determined is that if one manually installs the SSU first, the Windows Update of LCU will successfully install on its first pass.  It is almost as if, for 1809, the only way Windows Update finds out it needs to install the SSU is to first try to install the LCU without it! Not sure why 1809 Windows Update isn’t smart enough to determine it needs the SSU on the first pass.

      I saw the failures with the first LCU (October 9th) so was ready this month to test WU with and without the SSU manual install. When I tried the update without the manual SSU, I still get the 0x8024200d error. On a separate PC, when I tried the update with the manual SSU first, the LCU had no problem.

      None of this happens with 1803. Anyone else seeing this error 0x8024200d on 1809 using Windows Update?

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        @anonymous yeah I can confirm that, M$ is supposed to offer the SSU first then the update but including 1803/9 Ver’s. just lately WUD hasn’t been doing so or even offering and the same with WUMT as well. The Saga continues.

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          Thanks for the confirmation! So for now on 1809, to avoid the extra time it takes for WU to double download and attempt to install a large file (LCU), manually download and install a small file first (SSU).

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            Essentially “Yes” It would be nice if WUD did as it was supposed to like the M$ pages tell us its supposed to do. The average user isn’t going to know about an SSU as a prerequisite unless its offered to them.

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      Hi. Win 10 Home user. Yes, with the last two cumulative updates on 1809 (10/9, and 11/13), I have gotten the installation failure followed by success through Win Update.

      This behavior is being reported on other forums, and it appears to be happening to a lot of people.

      I don’t think this is anything to worry about.

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      Hello Woody, I’m new here. I have a HP computer with Windows 10 Home. I don’t want to have my PC crash and burn, so I had to take some actions. My first action was to put my Ethernet as metered, although I didn’t put any specific limit. The second move (and this is where I want your advice) was to check the Services and deactivate the Windows Update (wuauserv).

      My strategy

      I did this last night and so far so good, but are there any drawbacks or disadvantages? Is this going to have a bad ending? What to you think?

      I miss Windows XP...

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        In general, I don’t recommend manually disabling wuauserv — although many people here do exactly that.

        I’m concerned that there are unknown consequences, but as a temporary measure, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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          It’s a temporary measure. When DEFCON hits 4 or 5, it’s updating time.

          I miss Windows XP...

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      I’m seeing reports that KB 4461529, this month’s Outlook 2010 security update, is crashing on startup. Remove the KB and Outlook works as expected.

      Can anyone confirm?

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        Yes, KB4461529 crashes my Outlook 2010. Once removed it starts working again.

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        Same case happened with one of my users of outlook 2010 crashing. Once i removed KB4461529 it worked fine again.

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      We are still investigating but we have a user that is experiencing an issue with the computer DNS service failing after visiting Facebook. Issue did not present until after updating to 1809 but we are also looking in to possible virus/malware.

      Everything works fine on computer until you visit Facebook then approximately 45sec later DNS stops working. Only fix is running NetAdapter repair tool.

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      I’ve just used MDT to make a 1809-beta[1] VM with the Nov 2018 cumulative update KB4457708 integrated into it by dropping the catalogue download in MDT’s ‘packages’ folder.

      When I got to the desktop I checked and File Explorer says the ntoskrnl.exe file version is 17763.134

      I then sorted out a web-proxy, clicked the check for updates and it looks like it tried to install KB4457708 all over again (first failed, second suceeeded 2 minutes later).

      Think I’m going to abandon trying to understand what-the-bleep updating is doing & why.

      [1] I’ve been calling the Oct 2018 release ‘1809-alpha’, and the Nov 2018 re-release ‘1809-beta’.

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      So while I am currently holding off on updates, I do have a question for the future. I have turned my Windows 10 Home computer’s internet connection to metered, in order to hopefully stave off 1809. I’ve noticed in the past that when the connection is set to metered, most updates won’t download or install, except for the cumulative update. However, your Computerworld article indicates the SSU update will be required to install the cumulative update successfully. Come patch day, will I need to install the SSU update manually first, or do you imagine it will manage to push past the metered connection the same way the cumulative update does?

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        Up until this month, Windows Update for Win10 has handled this function. The CU shows up, you don’t even see the SSU in the queue. The latter is downloaded with the CU and installed first and everything is copacetic.

        HOWEVER, this month, we have seen reports that that is not true for Win10 1803 and 1809, that the install sequence is not being handled correctly and there have been installation problems.

        Windows update is a mess. Microsoft has lost control and any touch with reality.

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        @anon I find when metered is set small updates like SSU’s, Office and Defender Def’s updates will push through if you prompt them from the infamous “Seek” Button. However larger CU’s may need you to take it off metered for install. Before you go all “Gung Ho” with the seek/download button definitely use wushowhide and or WUMT to make sure there’s nothing lurking out there that you really don’t want, say a major upgrade, if there is needless to say you can hide it.

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      I am running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.  I have not yet installed the Windows 7 nor .NET patches, as I am awaiting any reports on this forum.  I did install the new MRT.exe (KB890830).  Before it ran the MRT scan, it presented me with an End User License Agreement (EULA) that I had to accept.  That EULA referred ONLY to Windows XP.  Very strange.  Usually, IIRC, MRT.exe runs without any agreement to acknowledge.

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      saw this recent article from ZDNet:

      looks like Trend Micro internet security / antivirus software is not fully compatible with v1809. (though Trend Micro has started to release a few patches for their products)

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      Any news on the possible interaction between the Servicing Stack Update and the Cumulative Update for Server 2016?


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      Running Win10 Pro 17763.134 got the following message when running wmic /? I am just wondering whether I missed in all the fuss about 1809 the fact that WIMC is being Depreciated? Not seen this before on 1803 etc. Will be sorry to see it go its a really handy tool. Another good feature bites the dust alas.

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      I manage a Windows 8.1 laptop for a society.  This morning I installed the two 8.1 patches – one for .NET and one for Windows.  I then rebooted and backed up the C-drive.  Then I shut down the machine.  I noticed that the power light and the orange wi-fi lights were still on.  When I hit the power button, nothing happens.  I have to assume that one or more pieces of the Windows 8.1 patch caused a problem.  And I do not know how to recover.

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      False alarm on the Windows 8.1 patch problem.  When I did a shutdown, the shutdown did not complete.  It has never done that before.  Google told me to hold the power button down, and that caused the machine to finish the shutdown.  It successfully booted after that.

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      The interaction between the Servicing Stack Update and the Cumulative Update for Server 2016 worked fine on 2 servers here.


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