• Patch Tuesday update: Confusion over the number of 0days and many reports of failed installs

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    So far, Patch Tuesday looks pretty stable. Of course, it’s much too early to tell if there are lesser goblins in the mix. The main point of contention
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      Anyone NOT seeing Servicing Stack Update, KB4552152 being offered through Windows Updates? I’m on Windows 10 Home and Pro machines, none are seeing it. Pulled it from the MS catalog.


      • #2241880

        With Windows 10 you never actually see a Servicing Stack KB update offered as a separate downloadable in the Windows Updater.

        It just automatically gets downloaded with (or before) the Monthly Update.

        It will show as an installed KB after the fact.

        Windows 10 Pro x64 v22H2 and Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 (RIP)
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        • #2241981

          I should  clarify that the update DOES show if you look at installed updates in Programs and Features in Control Panel. However it does NOT show as installed in Windows 10 updates. It wasn’t offered nor shown in the windows updates list of downloads this morning. That was the original issue of concern.


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      Potatoes Potatos 😀

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    • #2242042

      Advising people to not patch their system is beyond negligent, its criminal.

      • #2242053

        Advising people to not patch their system

        No one here is advising people not to patch.
        We only advise people to wait long enough to understand what the caveats are, and not be surprised by something they did not expect.

        You should read about the DEFCON System, so you don’t misinterpret it’s meaning.

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      • #2242058

        So I assume you’re vehemently against the “Pause Updates” feature in Win10 1903 and 1909?

        [Editor’s note: I get comments like this all the time. I’m amazed, given the extent of trouble Win10 patches have caused over the past few years, that there are people in the biz who still recommend knee-jerk installation of Patch Tuesday patches. Most of the time, the people who cast aspersions don’t update automatically. That said, if you know what you’re doing and back up profusely, go right ahead! Let us know if you hit any problems.]

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      Seeing issues with Windows 10 1909 with the KB4549951  Cumulative Update and printers with Type3 and Type4 printer drivers. The printers would not print or allow to change printer preferences stating the Printer Driver needed to be installed on the computer even though they were installed on the computer. We reboot the computer and ran DISM and SFC and not issue was found. Upon removing KB4549951  from the installed updates and a reboot the printers started working.

      Screenshots are below



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    • #2242115

      I got the update through the normal automatic check for updates. I crossed my fingers, crossed my toes, held my breath and clicked download.

      It did go through the installing phase twice and take longer than it should, but that has been the case for a while now.

      So far so good, no issues or quirks as yet.

      I usually install the patch Tuesday updates the following day, of course after reading here of any potential problems that have cropped up. If there are any big problems I’ll hold off.

    • #2242119

      Woody, I do think they accidentally got it right when reporting that there are 4 zero days. An exploit for CVE-2020-0968 appears to be available on a github page of researcher @afang5472 (credited by microsoft along with @edwardzpeng for this bug).

      Up until a few hours ago, the page said “Writeup and POC for CVE-2020-0753, CVE-2020-0754 and six unfixed Window DOS Vulnerabilities.”

      Based on the history on the page, it appears that Microsoft downplayed these bugs in onedrive, and even the security researchers initially did not realize that the exploit could be upgraded from a denial of service attack to an escalation of privledge using a general technique.

      The page was updated several hours ago to say “Status Upgrade: All 6 vulnerabilities has received a fix in March 2020’s patch Tuesday.” But this appears to be a mistake since no OneDrive issues were fixed in March, and the timing of the update along with some tweets suggest that this issue was fixed in April.

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    • #2242212

      Got this again, just a reminder that you just hit skip and it goes on.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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    • #2242286

      Some reports of Windows Security threat protection service misbehaving after installing KB4549951.


      +5/6 similar threads across different locales.

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    • #2242288

      Can you be more explicit about what the vulnerabilities are?

      It would help people to know if they need to patch

    • #2242299

      Windows 2004 updated just fine :).

      ASUS PRIME Z270-K * Intel Core i7-6700 * 2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 MHz * Aorus Radeon RX 570 4GB * Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD * SanDisk Ultra 3D 1TB SSD * DVD RW Lite-ON iHAS 124 * Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI * Windows 10 Pro 21H2 64-bit
    • #2244263

      Failed update on Win7 x64. Error Code: 800F081F

      Not happy when I’m paying for these updates and they don’t work.

    • #2247384

      Installed April 2020 CU KB4549951 & SSU KB4552152 via Windows Update on 2 Windows 10 Home v1909 systems (one 32 Bit & another 64Bit):

      1. For both systems need to re-try installation again to be successful after installation errors.
      2. sfc /verifyonly detected “Windows Resource Protection found integrity violations” on both systems.
      3. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth and Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth came up “No component store corruption detected”.
      4. Ran sfc /scannow to repair system files and resulted “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them”.
      5. Other than that no other problems noticed.
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