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    “Scammers are using invoices sent through PayPal.com to trick recipients into calling a number to dispute a pending charge. The missives — which come from Paypal.com and include a link at Paypal.com that displays an invoice for the supposed transaction — state that the user’s account is about to be charged hundreds of dollars. Recipients who call the supplied toll-free number to contest the transaction are soon asked to download software that lets the scammers assume remote control over their computer.

    “KrebsOnSecurity recently heard from a reader who received an email from paypal.com that he immediately suspected was phony. The message’s subject read, “Billing Department of PayPal updated your invoice.””

    More at: https://krebsonsecurity.com/ (Top Story today)

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      I saw a charge for $299.99 on my pay pal page for Microsoft so I immediately stopped any payment. Then I called the number that was given from a fake Microsoft page saying if I didn’t make that transaction to call. They were crawling around my computer and said they wanted to reimburse me, even though nothing had been taken. I got smart and hung up on the little pos.

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      They were crawling around my computer

      You mean you gave some hacker remote access into your PC? Don’t ever do this! And don’t give your user password to anyone, not even real Microsoft support people!

      If you did this, I would advise you restore from an image made before this incident, or better still, do a clean install of your OS (Windows, macOS, Linux.)

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      They were crawling around my computer and said they wanted to reimburse me, even though nothing had been taken.


      While they were attached, in the background where you wouldn’t notice it happening, they most likely downloaded everything on your PC and infected it with S/W that allows them to track/download everything you do on it from now on!

      As @Alex5723 indicated, you need to take immediate action to restore your PC and get rid of whatever they left behind.

      You should also change all the passwords that were saved anywhere on your PC (especially in your browsers) and contact any financial institutes who’s account data was stored on your PC and alert them to a possible account compromise.

      Note: most likely the personal info they stole from your PC won’t actually be used for at least 6 months or longer because they want to “lull” you into a sense of security that they didn’t actually take anything.

      Don’t wait, take action now to protect yourself!

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      crawling around my computer

      Please get your computer to a small, down-home computer repair shop and ask for their recommendation. Have the shop do what is required for your computer system.

      Avoid the big-box, generic, cookie-cutter computer repair stores.

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      I received an email today from one of these. I haven’t had a PP account for a while now and so I knew it was a phishing scam. Be aware that these things are still going around!!!!

      Moderator Note: Link removed. Pictures on your PC are not available. Please do not post copies of scam email with personal information.
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