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        AskWoody Plus

        My PC has both rear and front mini-plug panels. The front has only mic and headphone inputs, green and pink respectively. My stereo speakers are plugged into the back, I use the front to plug in my headphones, which include a mic. Recently, the headphones stopped working, so, after making sure their in-cable volume control was okay, I investigated.

        When I click on the icon above the volume level in the windows taskbar speaker adjustment,  I see the front inputs listed and enabled (I can adjust the volume and balance). However, headphones are no longer listed in the Control Panel sound devices, which shows my speakers and two Realtek devices (?). After a web search, I tried uninstalling all the sound drivers in Device Manager and rebooting, to no avail; the same ones appear again and all say they are working properly.

        Any ideas?


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        There may be several settings you have to configure. I had to go to about four different places and allow my headphones before they would work on my Dell Windows 10 laptop. They now work fine.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Are you running Windows 10, 1809 ?

        Windows 10, 1809 KB4489899 March 2019,Audio Bug.

        After installing this update on machines that have multiple audio devices, applications that provide advanced options for internal or external audio output devices may stop working unexpectedly. This issue occurs for users that select an audio output device different from the “Default Audio Device”….

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          Are you running Windows 10, 1809 ?

          Probably not, this is a Windows 7 forum.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Since you say you’ve removed and reinstalled the audio drivers with no change for your headphones, try unplugging your “default” stereo speakers from the green jack on the rear of your computer and then plug your headphones into that jack to see if Windows picks up on the difference in hardware with that jack. I’m presuming that you’ve been plugging them into the green jack on the front of the computer all this time, by the way. If Windows picks up on the difference, do you subsequently get sound from them while plugged into the rear green jack?

        Another thing you could try (if you haven’t already) is plugging them into the front bezel jacks on another computer you may have access to and see if they work there. This procedure presumes that the front bezel jacks are enabled within the computer in the first place, i.e. the wires to the front bezel jacks are plugged into a riser for them on the motherboard and that that output is also enabled within the UEFI or BIOS.

        Another thing you could try is plugging another set of known-good working headphones in the same jack you’re having problems with to see if they work when plugged into the jack on the front of your computer. That will help you determine if the problem’s with your headphones or the computer.

        Once you’ve tried these steps, please post back here with the results.

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          “Another thing you could try is plugging another set of known-good working headphones in the same jack you’re having problems with to see if they work …”

          Use the speakers that you just removed from the rear green jack, and plug them into the front headphone jack. They are a known device that already works on that PC. I suggest this to cut short some confusion. If they are plugged into a green jack, the are likely powered by an additional AC transformer, meaning the amplifier is onboard the speaker.

          Form the OP, “The front has only mic and headphone inputs, green and pink respectively.” I think that is reversed, which may explain the problem. You are trying to get an “out” signal from an “in”put. The drivers listed in Device Manager are of course for the sound card the jack(s) are attached to. They are not dependent on the device plugged into the jack. “Headphone” simply labels the front jack as different than the rear jack. They are identical in terms of low level analog output.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks, everyone. The headphones work just fine from the rear jack; the speaker do not work from the front jack. The hardware wiring appears to be all plugged in properly at the motherboard. I’m guessing that the front jacks need to be replaced, since that’s where plugging and unplugging means the most frequent action; perhaps there’s a misconnection invisible, inside one of the wiring modules.

        Unless someone has another idea.

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          The front jack itself is probably worn out from all the plugging and unplugging it sounds like you’ve been doing. The best bet is to see if you can get a new wiring assembly that goes from the motherboard to the jack itself, basically the entire length of wire with the female plugs that plug the wires onto the motherboard on one end and the jack itself on the other end.

          If you know that you will never use the microphone jack on the front panel of the computer, you could try swapping the microphone and headphone wires for the front panel at the risers on the motherboard. In other words, plug the wires for the headphone jack into the microphone riser and plug the microphone wires into the headphone riser. Then plug your headphones into the microphone jack on the front panel and see if you have any sound coming out of them.

          Just a couple of thoughts to help out.

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