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    New user on Mint Mate 19.2.  Two user accounts, both Admin level.  Unable to delete unneeded files that were originally in account A, moved to account B due to display problems with A, so files no longer appear in account A.  When opened in B-  Right click>Properties>Permissions shows, in GUI mode, ‘You cannot change these permissions, as you are not the owner.’

    I can open both directories in GUI mode, drag the files into account A, then delete them there, but they still cannot be deleted from account B.  There is a lock emblem on the parent folder.  There are no groups set up, if that makes any difference.

    Attempts to move or copy files back to account A (the owner) from the proper directory in account B via terminal respond, ‘no such file or directory.’  The syntax I am using, from within the directory, is mv (or cp) /home/(account A)/(directory in account A).  Also tried using the absolute file path instead of the relative pathname as well as rm or chown in the same command syntax.

    Yet another newbie quandary.  Life raft, anyone?

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      In Terminal I would try the following:

      sudo rm /full/path/to/*

      This will REmove the files running as Super User.

      Alternatively, right clicking on the folder might give you an option to view the folder as SU.

      cheers, Paul

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