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    I have the same problem in hotmail. It seems to have started after hotmail upgraded itself 17th june 2011. I have checked different browesers the same problem occurs, must be hotmail issue.
    When forwarding/replying the embedded pic is not available as an attachment (it used to be) which seems to cause it to not forward pictures already in an e-mail (not as attachments) the pictures in the forwarded e-mail are blank box with x and recipients do not get the pictures. When I look at my sent messages they are also missing the picture.
    Any ideas what the problem is? Can’t find any references to this at Microsoft or anywhere else but here. HELP

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      I’ve moved this to its own thread. Please do not hijack a thread. It only confuses the original thread.



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      Is the problem in accessing Hotmail with Windows Live Mail or accessing Hotmail with a browser?



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      any ideas yet?

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      none of the above methods work ???

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      I have exactly the same problem – I forward an email with pics to my ISP mail account and all I get are boxes with red ‘x’s.

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      According to this thread in the Hotmail forum,Can Not Forward Pictures, there are many people having this problem and there is no solution currently. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.



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      My problem is a little different. I receive the emails without pictures. Embedded photos in my received emails often, though not always, appear as empty boxes with a little “x”. Nothing I can do will display the pictures.

      However, if I attempt to reply or forward the email, the pictures almost always emerge. So, I’ve gotten used to viewing these strange emails that way, by clicking ‘forward’, viewing the email with pictures and then cancelling rather than actually forwarding to anyone. On occasion, I’ve forwarded the emails to myself at another address with success.

      This has been an ongoing problem for several months, but I’ve finally had enough. I’m running Vista Home Premium fully updated on an HP Pavilion dv7-1247cl. I think it’s Hotmail problem, but have no idea what to do??

      Is there some setting that I need to fix? I’m really stumped and can find no answers when I Google the problem.

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