• PK – where is KB4093105?


    Running Win10 Prox64 1709 – up to date except though there was KB4093105 released 4/23?

    I have/had my system locked down with GP on 2, Semi-Annual Channel, Feature on 365 days, and Quality Updates on 21 days, Pause 0 days.

    I changed Quality Updates to 10 days (did not hit the Check for Updates button over concern of bring down 1803) thinking it would bring down KB4093105 but so far – nothing.   And nothing in wushowhide.

    Will it eventually come down? Do I need it? Will it be included in the May update? Should I get it from the Catalog?


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      I would do this before MS releases patches at 10:00 PDT – you almost waited too late.
      Suggest you set Quality Updates to 0.
      With 1803 breathing down you neck, might be a good thing to set metered also.

      I believe an update scan is performed at login – reboot or shutdown.
      Run wushowhide.

      Risky at this point IMHO

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        Sounds like you think this is something that I need.
        Wouldn’t it be safest to just download from catalog at this point?

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          It is not something you need as it will be incorporated in the Cumulative Update released in a couple of hours.

          BTW, I recommend updating Win10 through Windows Update instead of the catalog unless you have a special need to do the latter.

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      Also at some point, think you mentioned that you had your Quality Update set at 0.

      With that setting, how do you keep your system from downloading the monthly updates onto your system as soon as they are released?

      Though overriding concept was to wait awhile upon monthly release?

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        Group Policy – Auto Updates = Emabled, 2 (notify download/install) they sit in the queue not downloaded until you click the download button.
        I thought you said you had:

        GP on 2

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          Yes I do, but I have only had my new system with Windows 10 since March 2018 and it came up to date so I have only been through the April update cycle. I had Quality Updates set at 30 days, so when Woody gave the OK, I changed it to 10 days and selected Check for Updates. April KB4093118 came down and installed. Left setting alone but KB4093105 never appeared. Set to 5 days, reboot but no appear.

          I have now downloaded KB4093105 from the MS Catalog just in case I needed to manually install. Based on your latest comments, maybe I should just wait until the cumulative May updates get the go ahead? Still don’t understand why the KB didn’t come down when it was past the Update deferral time? And why no show in the wuhideshow tool?

          Back to Quality Updates set at 0, OK so Quality Updates will just sit there – however I get daily notices and requests to install defender definition updates. How do you let those update without pulling down the Quality Updates with them?

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            Now you really have me confused. KB 4093118 is a Win7 Rollup.  ????

            With the setting “Semi Annual Channel
            In Win10.if you set Quality updates to 0 days, they show up in the queue so you can see them pending.
            But the GP setting Auto Updates = Enabled, 2 (notify download/install) keeps them from downloading until you click download.
            Between that and wushowhide, you have time to hide the updates you do not want.
            You can set metered connections as well just to be on the safe side.

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      OOPs sorry, I am maintaining my older Win 7 computer as well as my new Win 10 computer and indicated the wrong KB – the April Win 10 1709 update was KB4093112, my latest install.

      So unless you think otherwise, I am NOT going to install the catalog version of KB4093105 and wait for the May cumulative update to get the go ahead.

      Still…………….confusing why it didn’t come down or show in the wushowhide tool.

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        The updates are released by MS at 10:00am PDT.
        If I were you, I wouldn’t rush to get the CU today. There have been too many problems with Windows Updates (all versions) lately to rush out to be an MS Alpha/Beta tester. Give it a while to see if it wrecks machines first. That’s what the DEFCON System is all about.

        Unless you just LIKE being a Guinea Pig.

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        you probably don’t need the KB4093105 update for Win10 v1709 as Microsoft will soon replace it with a newer update coming May patch Tuesday May 8 at 10am pacific local time.

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      and wait for the May cumulative update to get the go ahead.

      Still…………….confusing why it didn’t come down or show in the wushowhide tool.

      I have no intention of downloading the May updated any time soon.

      But  any further comments, based on what I did, as to why this update is not showing up or did not come into the queue to download?  Seems that it should have.


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