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    I have a W10 Dell 15 inch laptop, which I have had for about 5 years.

    Today, for whatever the reason, I have developed a arrow pointer that shows within a circular ‘aura’ just slightly larger than the pointer.  With this being displayed continuously it seems to be affecting my cursor controlled arrow pointer in having it blinking in and out of vision when the cursor is placed on a shortcut.

    Taking a screen shot of the condition does not show the pointer, however it does show the ‘aura’.  I have put a white line box around the aura.

    Rebooting the machine did not clear it up.

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      Your screenshot is of the Chrome browser viewing a website, does the same thing happen when using the mouse on the Windows desktop or in a different program?

      If so, then take a look at your mouse cursor (pointer) settings to see if something has changed.

      If not, then it’s a “Chrome” issue and you should take a look at your add-ins to see if maybe one of them is causing it (especially any recently installed/updated.)

      BTW, I visited that website using Chrome and didn’t have your problem so it’s not something about that site causing your problem.

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      Situation cleared itself.  Cause unknown.

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      You’re not leaning on the control key as you do that are you? Or have you been in the devtools on Chrome and enabled responsive mode (assuming you aren’t using a tablet PC of course..)

      To be honest I filed that feature set with the standard mouse middle wheel “click scroll lock” (don’t know the proper name. I cut the wire to the switch so now the just does up and down. Brutal, but my mouse is a few years old!)


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