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    Not sure where to post this.  Paul T. advised me to post it somewhere and let the admins move it…

    Problem: switching from FiOS to Xfinity because I’m moving to a non-FiOS location.  I want to keep the landline (used loosely — it’s using FiOS fiber) number that I have had for 36 years.  But, I just want gig Internet service from Xfinity.

    My solution: 

    1. Bought a factory refurbished Tracfone flip with SIM installed from Amazon for $10.  [Use your own phone if you have an extra with a SIM that will work w/ your carrier and save the $10.]
    2. Bought $10 worth of airtime from Tracfone.
    3. Initiated Tracfone’s number porting service to grab my # from FiOS.  I made up a transfer pin of 1234.  Worked fine — not sure if that’s b/c transferring from FiOS to Tracfone is the same as transferring from Verizon to Verizon.
    4. The transfer took about 48 hours — and I recv’d a phone call from Tracfone to let me know when it would happen.
    5. Once that was done, I went to Google Voice and ported from Tracfone.  [Note: came up in GV as Verizon, not Tracfone.] To get the Tracfone transfer pin, I texted “ntp” (no quotes) to 611611.  Total cost charged by Google: $20.
    6. Google estimated 24 hours.  It was under 25.
    7. Took the battery out of my Tracfone and packed it away as an emergency cell phone.

    I’m guessing the instructions above are pretty close for porting any # to any provider (cable or VOIP or DSL or true copper landline), but I don’t know.

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      I went from landline to VOIP so one intermediary (Tracfone) less.

      I got a confirmation call from the landline provider, before the transfer when ahead (so similar to your Tracfone confirmation call).

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        Google Voice requires mobile only — so I had no choice but to port my FiOS “landline” (also VOIP over fiber) to a mobile carrier first!

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