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    Power Management Tab is missing on mouse and touch pad on laptop.  Would like to be able to wake computer with mouse.

    Also – would there be any problem with changing power options so that computer never shuts off automatically – whether on battery or plugged in?   Would prefer to just close the lid rather than have computer shut off automatically.

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      Control Panel\Power Options
      Choose when the computer sleeps – set “put the computer to sleep” = Never

      You can also turn off hibernation under Power options.

      Realize that leaving the computer running with the lid closed for an extended time may cause heat to build up.

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        Thanks.  I was thinking about using the lid to turn the computer on/off instead of relying on the power button.  Concerned about what would happen if the power button goes.

        Still trying to figure out how to add back power management option to mouse/touchpad so I can turn on computer with the mouse if it goes to sleep.

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      Well, you could have a problem if/when the battery runs down completely. As a longtime laptop user, I still use Hibernate (sleep everything, save to disk and power off), which used to be used as a battery power fail-safe if set up properly. New machines with modern standby will sleep “very lightly” to act as much as possible like a very sensitive smartphone and respond rapidly to touch, network input to push an update, a Facebook notification, etc.

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      Start regedit and goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power and look for a DWORD entry called CsEnabled.

      If it exists, it must be set to 0 for the Power Management tab to be visible.

      If it’s not set to 0, change it or, if it doesn’t exist, create it.

      Reboot and then open properties for your mouse/touchpad and, if it supports power management, you should now see the Power Management tab.

      Note: not all devices support power management.


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