• PPT table to text?


    When you copy/paste a table from PowerPoint to anywhere, as plain text, it loses all of the test & one is forced to do it cell-by-cell.

    Is there a workaround for this? Please advice – thank you.

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      No ideas on powerpoint, but untested possibility (partly as I removed libreoffice due to log4J issue..) would be to step the presentation through to the table, capture it as an image with snipping tool and use something like http://www.freeocr.net/ to get it to text.  If you’re lucky the spaces between cells might resolve the as a repeatable number of spaces, in which case find – replace them with commas and save as CSV in notepad might get most of the table into excel or such.. you didn’t say where you wanted it to go..

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      PowerPoint treats a table as a image and you can’t paste an image as plain text.  The text in the table is treated as text in a text box and each cell is handled separately, thus you have to copy it one cell at a time.

      If all you want is the text as plain text from the table (no table lines) there is a workaround.

      Copy the table in the PPT slide by Ctrl + A followed by Ctrl + C

      Open a Word blank document and paste the table image (Ctrl +V)

      Move the mouse pointer just to the left of the text in the first cell of the table and it will turn into a short fat diagonal black arrow.  Press and hold the left mouse button.  The text in that table cell will highlight.  While holding down the left button move the pointer to the bottom right of the table.  All the text in the table will highlight (cells with no text will not highlight).  Press Ctrl + C.  This highlighted and copied the text only in the table.  You can paste this text as plain text in any document.  Just the text and not the table.  The text will be spread out like it was in the table, but there will be no table lines.

      If you want the table and the text together, it must be copied and pasted as an image.


      HTH, Dana:))


      HTH, Dana:))

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      1. If you created the Table in PowerPoint you can select the table and copy it.
      2. Paste it into Excel.
      3. Save Excel as .txt.
      4. Import into Word or Text editor.

      You could also save the Excel as a .csv but then you would have the quotes and commas to deal with.


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