• Prayers and best wishes to all in the path of Ian!

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    Please stay safe. Don’t take chances.

    Never Say Never

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      I need an edition on backups/disaster recovery don’t I?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        Absolutely! I was never a fan of online backups. I stored them here and a bank deposit box. After Katrina I realized if I had needed them (fortunately I didn’t) I would have been SOL. The area was decimated and the bank security box couldn’t be accessed for weeks. It was then that I decided to go with online backups in addition to my local stuff.

        During an event in a worst case scenario I could buy a laptop, setup in a hotel, and within a couple hours be back in business.

        Can’t tell you how many HDD I recovered after K. One even had a mean water moccasin inside when I opened it and I hate and despise snakes!!!! I charged that guy a case of beer. Everyone else I donated my time. He understood 🙂

        Edit to add: That’s not to pat my back for donating my services. That’s just how we roll down here!

        Never Say Never

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      Thought I would share some preparedness thoughts based upon the ten-day power outage we experienced following a major hurricane.

      For us, the critical issue was a ten-day power outage.  We have a well and without power there was no fresh water. While we had filled up the bathtub with fresh water for drinking and cooking and could take water out of the pool for sanitary purposes, after four days we had had enough and moved to a hotel until power was restored. The problem we had moving into a hotel was finding roads that were not blocked by downed trees and wires.

      The other issue was refrigeration – no power no refrigeration.

      We cook with propane so that was not a problem.

      Since then, we have installed a generator and are better prepared to ride out a storm’s aftermath.

      Remember to get some cash and fill the car’s tank with gasoline:

      • Gas stations can’t pump gas without power.
      • Grocery and retail stores can’t run checkout lines without power.
      • Bank branches & ATM’s cannot work without power, so no new cash withdrawals.
      • Credit & debit card readers need power.
      • Air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration all need power.

      Our insurance company recommends the following in the event that you are forced to evacuate.  The list is exhaustive but something to think about.


      • Cell phone and charger,
      • Laptop computer and charger,
      • Portable or emergency charger (in case you can’t plug in),
      • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio, and
      • Two-way radios.

      Emergency Supplies:

      • A flashlight,
      • Extra batteries,
      • A complete first-aid kit (the Red Cross recommends a 115-item deluxe kit),
      • A blanket,
      • A supply of cash,
      • A notebook and pen,
      • A map or road atlas,
      • Extra keys for your car and house,
      • Extra batteries for car key fob, and
      • An all-purpose tool.

      Important Documents and Phone Numbers:

      • Driver’s licenses,
      • Passports,
      • Car registration,
      • Proof of address (such as a utility bill in your name),
      • Deed to home (if you own) or lease (if you rent),
      • Health insurance cards for the family,
      • Birth certificates for children,
      • Important phone numbers in case your phone isn’t working (family member/emergency contact, landlord, family doctor, pharmacist, pediatrician, veterinarian and insurance agent),
      • Insurance documents (auto policy, home policy or renter’s policy, etc.), and
      • Veterinary records for your pet (showing current vaccinations, city license etc.)

      Food and Water:

      • A three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day),
      • A three-day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food,
      • A can opener

      Change of Clothes:

      • At least three changes of clothes for each person,
      • Extra undergarments and socks,
      • Spare pair of shoes for each person,
      • Personal Care Items

      Personal hygiene items:

      • Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss,
      • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash,
      • Dry shampoo,
      • Hand sanitizer,
      • Personal wipes (in case you can’t access a shower),
      • Tissues,
      • Lotion,
      • Lip balm,
      • Deodorant,
      • Menstrual products,
      • Toilet paper,
      • Paper towels,
      • Face masks (N95, KN95 or surgical masks),and
      • Vitamin supplements

      Medications and Vision Care:

      • A one-week supply of prescription medication (blood pressure medicine, etc.),
      • Any medical devices you need (hearing aids with extra batteries, walker, etc.),
      • Contact lenses, lens case and multipurpose solution,
      • Glasses (take a backup pair even if you wear contacts),
      • Reading glasses (take a spare pair if possible).

      Baby or Child Necessities:

      • Baby food /formula,
      • Baby wipes,
      • Baby equipment you use (carrier, etc.),
      • Bibs,
      • Burp rags,
      • Cups,
      • Diapers,
      • Camp stove (if you need to boil water for sanitizing),
      • Extra blankets,
      • Extra water and soap for hand washing,
      • Nursing pads,
      • Pacifiers,
      • Snacks for toddlers or children,
      • Teething gel,
      • Thermos for formula, and
      • Items to keep kids busy (coloring book and crayons, picture books, etc.)

      Pet Supplies:

      • A three-day supply of non-perishable pet food (dry, canned etc.)
      • Blankets or towels,
      • A three-day supply of water for each pet,
      • Food and water bowls,
      • Collar, harness and leash,
      • Pet bed,
      • Pet crate or carrier,
      • Pet chews and training treats,
      • Medications (flea medicine, heartworm medicine, etc.),
      • Vet records (vaccinations, rabies tag etc.),
      • Pet wipes,
      • Toys and chew toys,
      • Poop bags for dogs, and
      • Litter box and litter for cats

      A limited number of portable Sentimental Items.

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        @kathy-stevens, Saw this when you posted it once before on AW. Handy to have around for sure, even if you just take a handful of these supplies. We have a tendency to focus on devices, flashlights, food, water. Fires out here for us. Being prepped is a way of life now, all year.

        MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and SOS at times.

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      I’ve lived in central Florida all my life, been through a number of hurricanes.  After Charlie I had a generator that I back-fed to the house (after turning off the main breaker so that it wouldn’t feed into the power grid) and that was plenty for lights, ceiling fans, refrigerator and freezer.  We had city water, but my generator would also have run a well pump.  I cooked on a 3-burner gas grill with a side burner for pots and that worked out just fine for the ten days we were without power.

      For Irma I had very similar circumstances, generator wired into the house, gas grill, city water.  I’m in the same house now that I was in for Irma, and I have my supplies stocked.  I should be fine, and I also appreciate everyone’s concern.

      Create a fresh drive image before making system changes/Windows updates, in case you need to start over!
      We all have our own reasons for doing the things that we do. We don't all have to do the same things.

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      My gosh! I’ve been busy today so couldn’t follow closely, but the few things I’ve seen are crazy bad. My heart goes out to all impacted.

      Never Say Never

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