• Print preview is in B & W (Excel 2000)


    My print preview is in black & white. I have unchecked the print as B & W option in Page Set Up but it is still previewing in B & W. Can anyone tell me how to get it back to preview in colour please ?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Do you have a colour printer selected?


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        I have a black & white printer installed. I was able to preview in colour until I changed it to print B&W but now it won’t go back to previewing in colour when I deselect Print B&W

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          It should “preview” based on the printer selected. If your printer is a B/W printer, it will print in B/W so the print preview should reflect this. If your default is a color printer, it should print preview in color.


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            That would make sense !! I have both a B&W and a colour printer available so will check it out.
            Thanks to everyone!!

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