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    If I go the the website http://www.anwb.nl and fill in a starting and ending point for my trip, I get a new screen which shows me the route I should take. The map is in color. If I then select to print this information, everything gets printed except for the map. I just get a big white square with the border around it. I have tried printing in both color and b/w, on two different printers, same result. f I do exactly the same, but use the Firefox browser, then everything comes out just fine. This must be some kind of option which has been set incorrectly, but which one? Normally Outlook 2000 and Word 2000 are used on this system, but it makes no difference if either or both of these programs is in use or not.

    Thanks for the help!

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      If your’re in a hurry before more knowledgable person replies… have you tried in Internet Explorer….tools > internet options > advanced…scroll down to “printing” and check “print background colors and images”.

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      What happens if you right-click the page (but not on the map!) and select Print Preview from the popup menu? Is the map displayed in the print preview?

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      Could you possibly give us some sample addresses to put in? I tried to make some up and I was not successful!

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        Try the “post codes” (i.e. zip codes) as in the screenshot below on http://www.anwb.nl[/url%5D, then click “Plan route”.
        Warning: the site appears to be heavily used at the moment, sometimes the map refuses to load. If so, wait a minute and try again.

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          Thanks. I would never have guessed the postal codes! I just wanted to see how it worked for me. I am able to print the page and map with IE7, so I am at a loss as to why the OP cannot…

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            I now have a color printer, and if I print the map to this printer everything comes out just fine. so there must be something in the way the map is built up in combination with the way the HP laser Jet 1200 handles this data, that just does not match up. But thanks for the help.

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