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    My Christmas mail list software is (gasp) Sidekick 99.  This year I have exported the list to Excel 2007 and went thru mail merge using word 2007.  My brother HL-2270DW printer reacts by stopping and showing a red blinking light.  I believe the error light indicates the printer does not want labels to travel the normal path thru the printer and instead labels must be fed thru the back door.  Is this correct?

    However labels made using sidekick shot right thru the same printer.  Any ideas how to “make” the laser printer print this list?  FYI I do have an inkjet printer that will print my labels but I am an older contrary person who want to do things my way.

    Any ideas?  Thanks.

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      I have an HL-L2395DW, a laser; manual feed is straight-through, front to back.
      With labels, there is a danger that a label will depart the backing and cause a jam when the sheet is curling around rollers. Hence the requirement for a straight-through path.
      Check the User Guide for specific instructions.

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        I understand.  My point is I DID print labels for years without problems.  My goal is find a way to fool the printer into thing it is regular paper not labels.  I did print my labels on my inkjet printer but my goal is to make the Brother do it my way.

        thanks for your response.

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        What-all places are there in your environment in which the paper Medium may be specified? Clearly, in the printer Properties. How about in Word? Could that be overriding other settings?

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          In looking at properties, I saw I could get an error report.  Said report said I had a margin problem.  Now to fix my margins.  Thanks.

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      This app below should enable you to knock the margins down to zero – probably the printer is being sent data for a whole page size and has margins set. You could of course tick the “fit to page” box in the driver settings section of the print dialogue to confirm that as it should then print, but the result will be the label text will be slightly out of position..


      As an aside, the straight path is the way to go. The fact missed is the tight turn post fixer unit, combined with the fact the label glue is at that point near molten, can result in glue bleeding out slightly at the label cuts. This accumulates on various parts of the printer anatomy and can result in one hell of a paper jam issue later, even with normal paper. You do not want to be poking anything sharp at your fixer unit, and its too hot for fingers unless left to cool, as per the manual.. The bits which usually break are called fuser “picking fingers”.. and are not a service spare from Brother.


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        I believe you have a solution that will solve my problem.  With PaulK’s suggestion, looking at printer properties indicated a margin error.  Then you provide an idea to deal with wayward margins.  Thank you.

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      Sorry, fixer is fuser and fuser is fixer, depending which way you’re facing across the pond.

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