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    I have not heard much of late about problems with printers because of Microsoft updates. I have Windows 10 Home 64GB. Are there any concerns for Consumer users? I do not print a large quantity or very often and have not experienced any problems with my Canon MG6821 printer. Not understanding the problem completely, I opted to disconnect from the internet whenever I needed to print something. Has that been a futile exercise? Is it now reasonably safe to print or are there still Microsoft problems we should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

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      There haven’t been problems with printing, caused by Microsoft updates, reported lately.
      It shouldn’t be necessary for you to disconnect from the Internet before printing.

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        Thanks for your answer. Do you think my disconnecting from the internet did or would have protected me? Or was the answer to the problem not as simple as that? Did anyone ever acknowledge what caused the problem?

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          I believe that you are referring to reported problems with printers where the printers would not print or have problems with functionality.  Those problems were caused by Microsoft updated the operating system (Windows) and were isolated to certain types of printers.  Many of the issues have been fixed with additional Windows updates and/or printer firmware and printer software updates from the printer manufacturer.

          If you are not having any issues, then I wouldn’t do anything.  If you are having problems, see if your printer has both firmware and software updates.

          Disconnecting from the internet wouldn’t have made any difference.

          Firmware updates for Canon:  https://support.usa.canon.com/kb/index?page=content&id=ART176195

          Software updates for Canon:  https://www.usa.canon.com/support/p/pixma-mg6821

          (make sure you select the correct operating system and then scroll down to the software options).


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            Many thanks, Mike. I appreciate the time you spent on this. Over the years, I’ve been a sole proprietor in a non computer field with only part time assistants and consequently have to wear many hats. That’s why I subscribe here. I do enjoy these people and they help bridge the gaps in my understanding of “the big picture”. I was in college when Fortran was in use on mainframe computers and never thought of the impact they soon would have. Nonetheless, I continue to evolve and am enjoying the ride wherever the road leads. Learning new things and solving problems is a whole lot better for the mind and spirit than sitting and wasting time looking at TV.

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