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    I registered to the forum recently with the sole intention of commenting on a topic I found on google search.

    The topic is closed but I was hoping that I can reopen the topic like in some other forums.

    After releasing this is not possible I wanted to message a user who commented but unfortunately the private messages does not work for me.
    When I click on it on the right a new page loads in with an message saying:

    You do not have permission to access message system

    Is this normal (eg. Became I am new here) or something is messed up?



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      I will have to double check but I believe I set them to only be for Plus members.  What post isn’t open and you can always open a new thread?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        Susan …

        Today I submitted a long post #2543915 in topic: “Standalone installer script for Windows 7 ESU, regardless the license” where I tried to underline a few paragraph headings.

        The post went to moderation ?

        Unfortunately, I later realized that I used the wrong BBcode “ul … /ul” instead of the correct code “u … /u” for underlining text.

        Because it was sent to moderation, I simply can’t correct my error nor delete then re-submit the post.

        When I realized my error, I also discovered I can’t contact a forum moderator via Private Message to correct my error because I am not a Plus Member.

        I also tried to do a simple <u>underline text</u> test in the testing forum but it was also sent to moderation as I am now sure this one will as well.

        Is it now the case that registered members are essentially no different than anonymous posters ?

        If so, it seems to me like a lot more time will now be wasted in trying to correct simple errors and/or delete posts by registered members and/or moderators.

        Sorry and with respect, I find it extremely unsatisfying in contributing to discussions not knowing if or when my contributions end up in a black hole as without Private Message I’ll never know it’s gone.

        Sincerely …

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          If you don’t post for more than six months your first post gets moderated. I don ‘t know why. Yours was after seven months.

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            @b: this is good to know too 🙂

            Win7 - PRO & Ultimate, x64 & x86
            Win8.1 - PRO, x64 & x86
            Groups A, B & ABS

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      Interesting. Yes, I’m not a Plus member. Same message for me on a test.
      It’s been months since I last used DM/PM and hadn’t noticed that it now is limited to Plus-ers.

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      There was a thread where a memeber was looking for an old freeware software that is no longer available to download. Another member helped but only with an older version. I have found the newer version on the web and wanted to share the link so everyone could enjoy. Unfortunately the thread is closed. If I open a new one those members won’t get notified and the won’t know it’s available. This is why I wanted to send a PM.


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        Consider starting a topic with your information, an explanation, and a link to the closed thread.

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