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    I’m seeing reports of bad problems with KB 4493471, this month’s Monthly Rollup for Server 2008 (not R2). According to an anonymous poster here on Ask
    [See the full post at: Problems reported with this month’s Server 2008 Monthly Rollup KB 4493471]

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      Look up “Build number changing to 6003 in Windows Server 2008.” Last paragraph says “application code…may need to be updated.” Avast Free 18.8 was the final version to support Windows 6.0; so if it is broken, it will most likely remain broken. Same goes for Spybot 2.4, which is 4 years old.

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        Yep, that’s KB 4495374.

        If the change in the version string is simply observed, there is no action required.   Microsoft Server 2008 SP2 will continue to function and receive servicing updates normally. 


        If application code or scripts are dependent on the version string “6002” as an identifier for “Windows Vista SP2”, these may need to be updated to accommodate the new value of “6003” which now identifies the same Windows Server SP2 version as “6002”. 

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      Facing Wind23k.sys BSOD on Windows 2008 SP2 on normal boot. Uninstalling KB4493471 from Windows Safe Mode solved the BSOD.

      Server is on AvastCloudcare 18.8.2546 not sure id its related.

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      Avast CloudCare was an affected product, but Avast claims to have completed a micro-update for 18.8. Look up “Windows Machines Running Avast for Business, Avast CloudCare, and AVG Business Edition Freezing on Start-up.” Were you perhaps also using VMware?

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        Hi there

        The affected servers was on physical servers. There a total 3 servers which have this BSOD and have similarity below

        1. Running on Dell PE 210

        2. Avast Cloudcare Installed

        3. Running on Windows Servers 2008 (non-r2) SP2 32bit

        As for Avast, 3 servers confirmed having the micro updates as stated in Avast KB-

        You can ensure your device received the micro-update by searching the registry for this value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\aswVmm\Parameters (CsrssCompat(REG_DWORD) = 1)

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      Optimistic: It was a “services that require unconstrained delegation” issue, which Microsoft claims to have addressed in May’s updates.

      Pessimistic: Avast’s micro-update completely overlooked Windows 6.0.6003.

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      KB4493471 is superseded by the KB4499149 rollup (released May 14)

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      I realize this topic is getting old, but Avast just recently took action to address issues that have existed on Server 2008 SP2 since April updates changed the build number to 6003. … They say “the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” and Windows 7 certainly squeaks louder than Server 2008; but Avast finally heard a different squeak in a recent spiceworks thread titled Windows Bluekeep patches causing Win32k.sys 0x0000008E BSOD. Avast has recently posted new Knowledge Base articles with titles such as BSOD/Failure to Boot after Installing Avast Business Antivirus version 18.8 on Windows Server 2008. The same issues occurred on Windows Vista if Microsoft’s advice to patch BlueKeep by installing KB4499180 was taken.


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