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    Just got this from reader FN: I installed KB3134814 (cumulative IE 11 security update) and KB3135782 (security update foe Adobe Flash) yesterday on my
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      How do I know if this will effect me? (Windows 7 Home Premium x64)

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      KB3134814 for Win8.1 and Win7 + IE11 is a “bundled” update. Updates KB3134814 & KB3141092 should have been installed on your Win8.1 system, FN.

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      We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2: Hold off on applying patches until I lower the DEFCON rating. By then we’ll no doubt have some sort of resolution.

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      I use AI Suite3 frequently, it’s a nice tool for fast-charging my Android phone using the “Others” option…it’s a feature you can’t find anywhere else software-wise since qualcomm’s quick-charging allows 1.5A over a USB3 port. The suite also allows for USB3 “boost technology” but I don’t have any USB3 devices as e-SATA has served me very well since nearly 2006. At the time, the transfer speed of e-SATA compared to USB2 was like day v night.

      Thankfully on my box, IE has been completely uninstalled so I never get offered updates to IE.

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      I was under the impression that KB3141092 was required only for users who use the enterprise mode site list. At any rate, this KB did not show up in either my important or optional update listings and I have not had the time to run it down. However, it seems to resolve a specific set of issues related to enterprise mode sites that may or may not affect the user. I will explore further when I have some time.

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      If I used the USB charging as much as you appear to I would be more upset. However, my workaround restored the ability to launch all of the other BIOS utilities which I do use to monitor the system. There is probably nothing more I can do as access violation errors are usually caused by a code problem which has to be addressed by the software vendor, in this case Asustek. For other readers, I want to pint out that these security updates have caused no problems whatsoever that I can detect on my system and so this is just an isolated condition. I suspect the problem has something to do with an update causing a DLL problem at the system level when AIcharger tries to start.

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      Sorry, I mean I don’t know what AISuite is. Is it on my computer? Does this effect me at all?

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      If you have an Asus computer, you may have AISuite.

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      I did some additional work to attempt to repair the issue reported after the installation reboot to finish the aforementioned security updates. As noted earlier, I had disabled the Ai Charger program at startup as a workaround but as a follow on I located the program and examined its properties and its position in the startup list. I did not see anything unusual and I launched the process manually to see if it would generate the reported access violation. To my surprise, the process loaded normally and was running as a background process. After seeing this, I went into startup and enabled the program after which I did a system restart. The program loaded, along with the other BIOS utilities, without the previously persistent access violation error previously encountered. As near as I can determine, the manual launch of the program after disabling it at startup may have clear an anomaly triggered by the install of the security updates. I am reporting this because I don’t think the security updates noted should be avoided because of this particular incident. It seems unlikely that users will experience this when installing these updates but if something similar happens you have a place to start to address the issue.

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      The fact that you are asking the question probably means you do not have AI Suite on your machine. If you want to check, you may open your “program file (x86)” folder and see if you see an “ASUS” folder in the tree. If yes, open the Asus folder and there will be a folder “AI Suite III” shown. I doubt this is something that you need to worry about.

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      I have removed KB 3141092 which was listed as a security update together with 3134814 and stalling, freezing and delays during shutdown have disappeared. For weeks I have been looking for the cause to no avail. Double-checked, updated drivers, installed and uninstalled antivirus application. Just when everything is running smoothly I update Windows and the vicious circle starts all over again. My confidence and trust in these updates is lost. I’m running Windows 8.1 on Asus motherboard Z87-A; Intel Core i7-4770 CPU. Use the USB3 to charge and backup my ipod. Uninstalled all recommended updates for February, including the Adobe Flash as it has been disabled already to avoid security issues. Likewise, don’t need Internet Explorer as I prefer Mozilla Firefox browser. Thank you for sharing your information.

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      KB 3141092 deals with Enterprise mode, and chances are very good it doesn’t apply to you (even if it’s being offered as a patch).

      Unfortunately, you really need to upgrade to, and update, IE 11, even if you never use it.

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      Lists of the security bulletins, advisories, and non-security updates released in February 2016 are listed next. Each offering a short description of the patch or bulletin released, and a link to the Microsoft website for further information.

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