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    This from Barry Dorrans on Saturday: It isn’t clear to me which .NET updates he’s talking about, but Barry knows whereof he speaks. He goes on to say
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      I’m not sure exactly which .NET patch he is referring to, but I know I had a client state that on his 2008 Print Server, the spooler stopped working and he had to revert to an earlier snapshot. I hope he lets us know what issues came up after the patch was installed.


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      does anyone know if this would break “client connector” used to join a pc to a server essentials domain?  been fighting for over a week with no joy.


      wse 2012 r2, current updates through 2019-12

      w10pro 1909 current updates through 2019-12

      everything can ping everything.  name resolution works.  dns works.

      losing what’s left of my hair on this one.

      Hey look! Another Feature Update!

      You mean I shouldn't click Check for Updates?

      Where is the Any key?

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      One annoying thing with .NET updates, probably… the Exchange Online PowerShell module with MFA support, apparently won’t install with the last couple of versions. Or maybe it’s something else. Still looking into it.

      Definitely .NET errors though and the same with a couple of different versions of the ClickOnce application too, tried on Windows 8.1 and some variants of 10 …

      Oh well, at least that’s pretty much an admin-only tool, but anyway.

      And that at approximately the same time (don’t use that every week normally) as application passwords ceased working with Exchange Online from PowerShell Core 6 on whatever. MFA is PS 5.x only apparently even if they keep advertising 6.x …

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      Does anybody know which patches have been pulled?  In my WSUS console all my 10.0.17763.771 (server 2019) showing as needing 2019-12 Cumulative Update (KB4530715) but on the servers is showing as installed.


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