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    Since about a week ago, The product pages on Amazon have stopped loading correctly.

    When I click on a product, I get a half loaded page with a red bordered error message saying:

    We’re sorry, an error has occurred. Please reload this page and try again.

    Reloading the page has no effect.

    I use Google Chrome and have Ublock Origin so my first thought was that I had blocked something needed by Amazon by mistake.

    Deleting and resetting my Ublock rules for Amazon also made no difference.

    Surprisingly, being signed in makes the product pages work normally.

    And then today I accidentally discovered a way to (temporarily) make the product pages load correctly without being signed in.

    If you load up a page like this:


    and get the badly loaded page, you then need to click URL bar and run the cursor as far to the right as possible then backspace until whats in the URL bar looks like this:


    and press enter, which will lead to the fully loaded page.

    Also, I’ve found that if you open one of the broken pages from the History, it will open normally.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this?


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      Is uBlock Origin up to date? Have you tried opening the Clear browsing data (Ctrl+Shift+Del) and only cleared all of the Cached image and files?

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        Ublock and all filter lists are up to date.

        Cached images and files cleared, no change.

        I also have all cookies associated with Amazon set to clear on exit.

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      I’ve hit similar messages about failed page loads a few times during the last week or so, both on their .co.uk and .de sites. Most of the time a simple page reload or a Shift+reload (Pale Moon then reloads without cache) sees a working page.

      I put it down to my having been forced to reduce my ISP package to 15mb down and 2mb up just a day or two before and being caught out during local congestion peaks.

      That might have been coincidental, it could be Amazon shuffling things around.

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        I wondered about a slow connection myself, but if it was that, wouldn’t the entire site act weird and not just the product pages?

        Did you notice the errors stopping if you were signed in?

        To me, that’s a sign that whatever this is has to be on Amazon’s end.


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      Has anyone else seen anything like this?

      Yes. It goes in my not-to-worry bin.

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        More annoyed than worried honestly, since it seems that anything done on my end is only a temporary solution.

        I’d be worried if I couldn’t make the pages work at all.

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      I have been using Vivaldi as my browser for a couple years now on my Windows 10 x64 desktop. For a couple of weeks now every very time I click on on non-clothing items I get a message:  <b>”We’re sorry, but an error has occurred. Please reload this page and try again”. </b>Very odd that clothing pages work fine? All extensions are disabled.

      If I click on the address bar and hit enter… the page is normal. Amazon pages are working normally with Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

      I have been working with assistance on the Vivaldi forum for a couple of weeks, and they seem to think it a problem on Amazon’s end. Please see the link below for all the details.

      I contacted amazon about this but dont expect much.


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