• Program unloads on Thursdays!

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    I use Karen’s Replicator to backup important files every night to my second hard drive, so it sits in my system tray’s hidden items.

    Every Thursday the program unloads, although the icon stays in the system tray; when I mouseover the icon it then disappears.

    Why?  How do I find out the reason and stop it?

    Running Windows 10.

    Best wishes


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      Do you have a special replicator job that runs on Thursdays?

      Do you have another job/software that runs on Thursdays?

      cheers, Paul

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        No – those were the first things that I looked for.

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      Programs not running but still showing the tray icon is usually a program crash.
      Check the Windows Event Viewer for problems on Thursday.

      cheers, Paul

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      Hi Paul

      Not sure what I am looking at with Event Viewer!

      Is there any way to search it for ‘Replicator’?

      Which logs should I be looking at?

      I know that Replicator always does its normal run at 1am on Thursday (it does the same run every day) but by the evening the icon disappears on mouseover.  I have no other programs that run only on Thursday, so I am completely baffled.

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      Try NirSoft FullEventLogView. That will show everything and you can scroll through a date range or search.

      When it runs it loads the entire Event Log, so you need to click Stop if you only want recent entries.

      cheers, Paul

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      Tried that, but nothing useful – just what replicator did, not when it crashed.

      Best wishes


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      Does it crash at the same time?
      Does it crash mid job?
      Does it crash X days after reboot/restart?

      cheers, Paul

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      It unloads, or crashes, sometime between running the job at 1am on Thursday and Thursday  evening.  I do not know when.

      It does not crash mid job – it always completes the Thursday 1am job successfully (that is in its log).

      I re-boot every Monday evening before weekly backup.

      Best wishes


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      Sounds to me like it’s “closing” itself after successfully completing the job on Thursdays but the tray icon isn’t being updated (which could be a minor bug in the program where it isn’t properly notifying Windows when it unloads itself.)

      Is your Thurs 1am job set to “close” the program after it successfully completes the job?

      If you run it “manually” and then minimized it to the tray, is the icon still there after it’s done?

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      There is no option to exit after running a job.  The job is set for every day at 1am – so why does it close on a Thursday and not for all the other days of the week?

      Running manually does not close the program.

      Best wishes


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      Change the reboot to Tuesday evening, or Sunday (grasping at straws).

      cheers, Paul

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