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    With Microsoft’s rollout of the new Outlook for Windows(new window), it appears the company has transformed its email app into a surveillance(new window) tool for targeted advertising.

    Everyone talks about the privacy-washing(new window) campaigns of Google and Apple as they mine your online data to generate advertising revenue. But now it looks like Outlook is no longer simply an email service(new window); it’s a data collection mechanism for Microsoft’s 772 external partners and an ad delivery system for Microsoft itself.

    Here’s how and why.

    Microsoft shares your data with 772 third parties :

    informs users that Microsoft and those 772 third parties use their data for a number of purposes, including to:

    Store and/or access information on the user’s device
    Develop and improve products
    Personalize ads and content
    Measure ads and content
    Derive audience insights
    Obtain precise geolocation data
    Identify users through device scanning..

    New Outlook steals your email password

    When you sync third-party email accounts from services like Yahoo or Gmail(new window) with the new Outlook, you risk granting Microsoft access(new window) to the IMAP(new window) and SMTP(new window) credentials, emails, contacts, and events associated with those accounts, according to the German IT blog Heise Online(new window)…

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      Data is the new oil and MSFT and all other big tech want it. The Internet is becoming creepier by the day and we really need a law like the EU GDPR in the U.S. w/ a private right of action. As of now, we have no privacy and companies can do whatever they want in terms of collection and exploitation of this data.

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      Still doesn’t give them an excuse to continue down this road.

      We need  a federal privacy law with private right of action. Right now, we the consumers have 0 power over our own identities or financial lives because the data that represents that isn’t even ‘owned’ by us. This status quo, enables criminals and criminally minded nation states to exploit us with impunity.

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