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    ISSUE 20.41 • 2023-10-09 FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen There are many reasons for us to choose a program for a Top 10 list. It might be becaus
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      I’d go to top 11 and add the free Keepass, imho it’s the best free password app available today. With over 300 passwords, it’s my most used app. For iOS, there’s plenty of choices for apps with database compatibility and most will sync the database with a cloud service and/or use iCloud and/or iTunes file backup.

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      Hiren’s the bomb.  Thanks for the updated link (my earlier version is literally half the size of this one; lol).    Works great in Virtualbox (I just save a snapshot so recover to it every time).  lol



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      i wanted to create a Hirens Boot flash drive.   I followed your link, in newsletter,  downloaded “Download ISO2USB.exe to your computer.”  .  Opened it, created the drive name, but don’t find the .iso file.

      Shouldn’t it be included with the downloaded flash creation tool?

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      I get an error on oldergeeks.com that the certificate has expired or been revoked. Anyone else seeing this?

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      I’m trying to download some of the top 10 files, 8 work but 2 dont, the 2 downloads “fail” with an alleged network error but my network is fine. The Ultimate boot cd and Hirens bootcd both fail after downloading about 540mb and 1gb respectively.
      I have tried 3 different browsers (chrome, firefox and edge) on 2 different machines with the same result… is there are temporary glitch in these iso files?


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      WSCC should have been in your list as it integrates NirSoft, SysInternals, MiTeC and Windows utilities in one package and has an easy update process for all these small utilities.


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      I downloaded HiRen’s BootCD PE x64 from OlderGeeks.com, then added it to my YUMI flash drive. It added without any issues and shows up as expected under Windows-PE with the name HBCD_PE_X64.iso. However, when I try to boot it using either normal boot or wimboot, it says “alloc magic is broken at 0x834cbe30:0. Aborted. Press any key to exit.” I get this same behavior on 3 different computers, so I am assuming something is not right with the ISO. Is there any way to check it, like a checksum, or should I just re-download and re-apply to my YUMI drive? Thanks. BB

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        @HATech19. In the description of HiRen’s BootCD PE x64 at the OlderGeeks site, the iso hash for the MD5, SHA1, & SHA256 are listed. I would confirm that the hash matches one of them. I would re-download the iso only if the hash does not match. If hash matches you can assume the download was good.

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