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    I am hoping this is the right place for this question, if not, then the mods can please move it.  Thanks.

    I am taking a course on the web, which means that the videos are only available from the source using my browser.  This is fine with me.  The course instructor also produced a PDF document that is available for download by each attendee.  The problem is – this document is not paginated and it is 81 pages long.  I am trying to figure out if there is a way to paginate it.  I tried importing it into Word and that did not seem to work.  I also tried importing it into PowerPoint and that did not work either.  Right now, all I can do is read it using Acrobat Reader, which does not allow me to paginate it. I have tried contacting the supplier, but to no avail.

    Now I could do it by hand, but if there is another way to do it using available technology, then I would rather do that.  Perhaps there is something in Word that I don’t know about that would allow me to put page numbers on the pages after a very specific type of import.    Alternatively, maybe there is a way to do it in Acrobat Reader that I also do not know about that would enable pagination.  Maybe there is a free app that will allow me to do it?

    Any insight that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Ron M

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      There’s a bunch of ways to do this actually, with varying limitations…

      Any number of tools will do this, not Adobe Reader though apparently. Full Acrobat does have this feature.

      There’s a “simple” way for folks who have LaTeX and pdftk (Not actually all that simple unless you’re already familiar with LaTeX and page layouts.) Those tools are free, and Linux users might already have them installed or at least easily available (packaged for most distributions), a bit more work on Windows.

      Foxit says PhantomPDF does this. (Also not quite “free”, but had a free trial period last time I looked.)

      Then there’s PDF24… they have a page that claims to do that for you in an online form at https://tools.pdf24.org/en/add-page-numbers-to-pdf – but I haven’t tested it. I’ve used their free locally installable application in the past, though not specifically for adding page numbers. (https://tools.pdf24.org/creator)

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      mn-, thanks for the reply.  I tried this one  https://tools.pdf24.org/en/add-page-numbers-to-pdf  and it did exactly what I was looking for.  You have to be careful regarding size and position of numbering, but once I worked that out, everything went according to the requirements.

      Ron M

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