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    Per advice, I have Windows Update set to CBB with 365 day deferral for Quality Updates and 30 day deferral for Feature Updates. Per recommendation on this site, I’ve been trying to download and install KB4284874. I changed Feature Update deferral to 0 days and waited. Checked wushowhide frequently and this KB never showed up as available. After about 8 hours, I reinstated the 30-day delay to avoid anything else being offered for downloading. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Does Microsoft only “offer” updates on certain days of the week or times of the day?



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      I think you have quality and feature updates mixed up.
      Quality updates are the Cumulative updates offered on Patch Tuesday and one later in the month that is like a Preview.
      Feature updates are the upgrades to to the next version.

      If you want the June Cumulative update, set quality updates to 0. You can leave feature updates at 365. You also need to be sure your network is not set to Metered.

      Try this: Set your network connection to Metered so you don’t get any surprises.
      If you click on “check for updates” you may become a “seeker” and get offered 1803. One way to get Win to search for updates without you doing it is to open Services, highlight Windows Update Service, then click on “Stop” in the upper left. Reboot your computer and wait an hour. (Usually Win will initiate a search for updates after startup). Check wushowhide to be sure you don’t have the CU hidden. (If 1709 or 1803 show up, hide them and reboot again.) If the 1703 CU is there install it, take the network off Metered and install it..

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      You are correct, sir. I had a “senior moment” when I wrote the post and reversed the delays. I actually have Feature = 365 and Quality = 30. I have metered connection ON at all times unless there is something specific I need to download and install, like Flash Player, MSRT, or other Quality updates recommended by Woody’s. I use wushowhide daily. Defender definitions seem to pass through with metered ON once I see them in wushowhide and do a Check for Updates.
      Here is what I understand the correct procedure to be for allowing specific updates:
      1. Leave metered ON.
      2. Set Quality delay to 0 days in CBB.
      3. Check wushowhide for the desired update to appear.
      4. Once the desired update shows as ready to hide, I do not hide it. I hide any other updates that I do not wish to install at the time, if any.
      5. Close wushowhide.
      6. Turn off metered connection.
      7. Check for Updates at Settings>Update & Security.
      8. If the desired update is there, I attempt to download and install it.
      9. After this completes, I check the update history to see if it is listed.
      10. Reset CBB Quality delay to 30.
      11. Reset metered to ON.
      When trying this for KB4284874, I left the CBB at 0 for around 8 hours and checked wushowhide frequently during that time. It never appeared.
      Your suggestions/recommendations are requested.

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      I saw them, but thought they were an alternative to the procedures I wrote. I can try your method, but when I go to Services>Windows Update, I see “Start” in the upper corner, not “Stop.” Start up type is set as Manual (Trigger Start).

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        The Windows Update Service has to be running for you to get updates.  That may be the problem you are having. It should have been started automatically.

        Be sure you are on Metered connections.
        In Service Windows Update click on “Start”
        Do not go to Settings\Update and Security\Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.”
        Run wushowhide and see if the update is there (or hide the upgrades if they are there).

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      Should I change the Startup Type from Manual (Trigger Start) to one of the other options such as Automatic?

      Don E.

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        No, I wouldn’t change the setting. Just start the service and follow these instructions

        Be sure you are on Metered connections.
        In Service Windows Update click on “Start”
        Do not go to Settings\Update and Security\Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.”
        Run wushowhide and see if the update is there (or hide the upgrades if they are there).

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      Did not work.

      1. Set CBB Quality to 0 days. Confirmed metered was ON.

      2. Restarted Windows Update Services.

      3. Restarted Windows.

      4. Waited one hour.

      5. Checked wushowhide.

      6. KB desired was not shown.

      Did I do this correctly?

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        With feature=365, quality=0, no Pause

        Instructions said:
        1. Be sure you are on Metered connections.
        2. In Service Windows Update click on “Start” Adding this: Service should say Running.
        3. Do not go to Settings\Update and Security\Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.”
        4. Run wushowhide and see if the update is there (or hide the upgrades if they are there)

        no reboot once you start the Windows Update Service.

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      OK. First let me apologize for taking up so much of everyone’s time with this. I’ve been working for a couple of days to get this, downloading KB4284874, to work. So far, no success. Below I’ve listed the steps taken each time several times. Please review and see where I’m going wrong.

      Beginning settings:

      CBB Quality = 30 days delay

      Metered connection = ON

      Windows Update Service = Running

      Update Pause = OFF

      Steps taken:

      Confirmed that metered was ON.

      Stopped Windows Update Service.

      Re-started Surface.

      Re-checked Windows Update service to confirm now ON.

      Set CBB Quality to 0 days.

      Waited one hour.

      Checked wushowhide for desired item in list of updates available for hiding.

      Item not listed.

      Reset CBB Quality to 30.


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        Leave Metered connections ON.
        Set CBB quality  = 0 – leave it there.
        leave Pause = OFF
        Leave the Windows Update Service running.
        Go about your business doing whatever you do with the PC.
        Shut the computer down over night.
        Turn it on tomorrow and go about your business – You can check wushowhide periodically, but leave the rest alone.
        If it doesn’t show up by tomorrow evening, let us know.

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      OK. So I left system running with CBB Quality set to zero all day yesterday (about 12 hours)until I closed down for the night. Restarted system this morning and left it running for 5 hours. The elusive 4284874 never appeared in wushowhide. However, when I rechecked a few minutes ago, I had 8 updates for possible hiding in wushowhide. 4284874 was NOT among them. However, another cumulative update (4338826) was listed. Since this is supposedly cumulative, does it render 4284874 overcome by events and no longer needed? I hid 4338826 awaiting the OK sign. I also was offered the following updates: Adobe Flash, MSRT, Defender Definitions and 4 drivers. I attempted to download all of them except the Adobe, which I hid awaiting the OK. All of these save for 2 of the drivers downloaded and installed. The two drivers never showed up in Windows Update. No idea why???

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        The Cumulative updates are cumulative, so 4338826 will supersede the one you are missing. So install that.

        You need the Flash Player Update for IE11 also. In Win10, MS made Flash a part of IE11 instead of getting it from Adobe (or not). So since Flash is there, it’s vulnerabilities need to be patches. Install 4338832.

        Defender is also built into Win10, install the definitions.

        MSRT is up to you whether you want it of not.

        Normally we don’t recommend installing driver updates from Windows Update. (They don’t show up as installed updates). If you have n apparent problems, leave them be. If you have hardware problems, you can go into device manager and rollback the driver for the particular piece of hardware. If you need driver updates, go to the OEM mfg of the computer or the hardware mfg’s site and download from there.

        Now, with all that, I would wait a while to update to see if there are any glaring problems with today’s updates.

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